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"He Might've Stayed a Minute": Coal Miners With Black Lung Slam McConnell for Brushing Them Off in Healthcare Meeting

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/24/he-mightve-stayed-minute-coal-miners-black-lung-slam-mcconnell-brushing-them


Every miner–black lung disease or not–needs to join the movement for Expanded, Improved Medicare For ALL. Together we have strength. Additionally, their situation should be crystal clear that:

  • McConnell does NOT give a damn about the health of anyone

  • In addition to racism, class war is still going on

  • coal needs to be eliminated tout suite and replaced with green energy jobs

Lastly, check out DitchMitch who badly needs to go.



You can contribute to the campaign of likely KY Dem primary winner, Amy McGrath, if you want.

But we already have a Joe Manchin, don’t we?


McConnell is unquestionably the face of evil. But why isn’t there a rule that says no matter what party affiliation, the Senate must, as a minimum, bring up a vote on what the House passes? If not, there should be. He has squelched tons of legislation by refusing to bring bills before the senate.


I have not. This is for the Kentucky miners. Mitch is a monster.


Mitch probably had to duck out to meet up with conflict of interest wife, Sec of Trans Chao to launder some more funds from Taiwan into his campaign.


Where do you think the contributions from that link to DitchMitch will eventually wind up?

Yeah, McGrath. But I know, at least she’s better than Mitch.


The miners need to advertise their reception to all of their colleagues and to the people of Kentucky who care about them. It would be difficult for anyone worse than Yertle to be the Democratic candidate, so make sure that people vote

⌧Anyone but Mitch


Tragic (and criminal) thing is Daniel, the DINO establishment have clearly forgotten about the common man and woman - the "little guy and gal - and their families, and Mother Earth to serve the same big-money interests as R’Cons, just with a somewhat less ugly rhetoric, but behind their actions as they serve much the same interests.
They serve big-money campaign donors, not the people who struggle just to survive or are victims of exploitation, pollution and disease, often from hideous and deadly operations, like coal miners and black lung!

We need real people of integrity and empathy in government and Congress to change the direction we are headed with scum like McConnell and many other corrupt scum politicians like him at the helm, who just don’t give a shite about a sustainable, just, healthy future!.


And it doesn’t get any better for coal miners in Virginia, W Virginia, Wyoming and Kentucky when one of the largest coal mining polluters in the United States, Blackjewel abruptly shut its mines after filing for bankruptcy leaving coal miners with useless and bounced paychecks and no jobs. Pathetic this MAGA moniker.


AMEN!, Emphyrio.   The DamnocRats generally don’t hide behind the false “christian” hypocrisy of the (often Funny-Dementalist) 'Pooplicans, but otherwise haven’t been significantly different for several dec­ades.   As to the main subject of the article, the War between Coal Owners and Coal Miners has been going on for centuries, and there’s no question whose side Mitch is on . . .


“A worthless trip” to deal with a worthless waste of skin!


What did you expect? He’s a worthless guy. But you dummies will vote for him next election because he has you convinced the minority ethnic and religious groups are the real enemy. I’ve got news for you. Your real enemy is you and your elected representatives.


Just keep voting Republican, won’t you?


Malignant Mitch is the alpha and omega of the soulless servant of greed, but I have to wonder how many of these miners voted for him, cheering his bile toward others, now tragically aware of his venom spewed on their own lives.


They are lucky they got 2 minuets. McConnell is a very busy guy with plenty of fund raisers to go to every day.


Jimmy Moore went on to add, “Of course we’re all still going to vote for Tя☭mp and McConnell because, well, you know, Hilary’s emails and stuff.”


Of course they will! Dummies can’t help themselves to be anything but dumb.

I hate coal and the pollution it puts out, however you need coal to make steel. You need people to dig coal. Where do we get the coal from, China ?

Skepticism and ideology aside, we should all read this as it sheds much light on what we are facing.: