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'He Must Resign': Attorney General Barr Personally Ordered Police Assault on Peaceful DC Protesters, Report Says

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/02/he-must-resign-attorney-general-barr-personally-ordered-police-assault-peaceful-dc


He Must Resign’: Attorney General Barr Personally Ordered Police Assault on Peaceful DC Protesters, Report Says

“AG Bill Barr’s behavior has been deeply problematic since he was sworn in, but now it has become truly dangerous. He needs to resign.”

And throw in Trump, as well –

But is anyone adding up all the damage already done – including to AA’s – and voters –
to those in need of health care – to NATURE and animal life – that Elitism and Capitalism
have already cost us over 350 years and more and in current times?

Right now how much damage by destroying EPA to health of nation’s children?

What are the future costs of this going on any longer – Homelessness, Unemployment,
destruction of Rent Control and Unemployment Insurance – privatizing hospitals.
Hungry children in US?

Possibly ending in a 2020 election where Trump insists the election was stole from him?


Another strongly-worded letter from Chuck Schumer?
What’s next, stamping his feet and shaking his fist?


They should all resign - the whole rotten barrel of both parties, entrenched in the ruts of archaic traditions that cannot imagine a new way or who can no longer see beyond their blinkered silos. There is no innovation in these old and brittle institutions created centuries before with no foresight of the possibilities/problems of future modern technologies and mostly highly educated people. The wisdom of the First Peoples in planning the protection of nature for the next seven generations is no less urgent today for all existential crises visible in both the now and on the near horizon or in the future. All peoples, of all nations, must redraft their Constitutions and Bills of Rights and Responsibilities with not only a new vision, but one that can be changed through direct participation of the citizens to better respond to the ever-changing future. It is no longer good enough to maintain documents written up before the age of universal literacy with fewer fair and realistic options for the present. Mature societies either renew and rejuvenate to accommodate changes and needs of a modern state and its people (and not the false, egotistical primacy of capital or property) or become irrelevant in the global scheme of things.


‘He Must Resign’

There lies the catch —

Fascists never resign. Fascists never leave power. They only have it yanked out of their cold dead hands by the citizenry.


by the citizenry.

Or someone


Outrage is useless, accomplishes nothing - Status Quo.
Absent physical force and blood, forget it Jake:
“It’s Chinatown”

Here Are 10 Things Democrats Could Do If They Actually Wanted to Stop Trump’s Power Grab

THAT is the 800lb Gorilla in the room - Do they REALLY want to stop it?


Barr is a hatchet man for the conservative agenda, he was brought in to protect that agenda just like he did when GHWB was facing indictments. Barr should have been imprisoned long ago for crimes against the constitution and America but instead he has enriched himself. Do not tell me that crime does not pay, rich conservatives prove otherwise.


LA, Houston, NYC and other cities thousands of people in peaceful protest

Drumph et al…time to shut up and listen. Pack your carpet bags and resign. You will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law following your formal public resignation.

Lobbyists - find another job. Your activities are far too long overdue for regulation and the public is learning how to formally PUT YOU IN YOUR PLACE.

Your notification is being introduced by feet in the streets.

We, citizens of this Republic are just about ready to start formal consideration CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION building from the grass roots up through the formal levels of government.

Brief wiki on the concept of Constitutional Convention … perhaps now is a good time to read up


Persons as Barr and Trump do not belong in the U.S.A.


Barr should be in jail on contempt charges. But the rogue trump administration is apparently untouchable. Even when members of the cohort are sent to jail it doesn’t stick. They must cry mommy, mommy, and are set free.
We can complain now. But ask yourself, did I do what I could to prevent trump from winning the White House?

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All of government in DC are thugs at their core, it will soon be obvious, as will be the need to replace all of government in DC with public servants.


They aren’t resisted as their crimes are the same as those of the other packaging.


I think Barr was appointed because of his daddy’s connection to Epstein.

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Hi SkepticTank:
Sigh— yes who does Schumer work for anyway? It is not the People…maybe Netanyahu?


Lawrence Lessig in 2011 Conference on Constitutional Convention rips through the systemic breaks. From subsidized agribusiness and corrupt banking/finance system and the generalized unvarnished toilet bowl


Since 2011 the path downhill has remained the same with intensification - a quick review of the premises and activities in deregulation and other concerns


Don’t forget the breath-holding until he turns blue. That just kills his adversaries. Barr can’t take that.

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You forgot from my perspective, the most ominous and terrifying one: we now have a man that is verifiable and absolutely criminally, insane! With his hands on the nuclear trigger!


The demons Bat Man and Robin had to protect Gotham City from were prep school pranksters compared to today’s GOP monsters.

“Barr’s behavior has been problematic since he was sworn in”…not during Trump’s regime but as the Bush 41 regime fixer three decades ago.

Barr and many other GOP operatives have been refining their devious behavior for 30 to 40 years…they are master fascists.


Yes, they do not belong in the America I love. But they do belong in the Amerika I despise.

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