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He Shooots, He Scores


He Shooots, He Scores

Not A Green Room Kinda Guy Dept: After Bernie Sanders took the New Hampshire primary, he passed the celebratory time till his victory speech shooting hoops with his grown sons and frisky grandchildren. A self-declared "very good" athlete in his day, he also sank every shot, somewhat shocking Fox' Megyn Kelly. "Is this, like, some kind of joke?" she exclaimed. Actually, no.


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Bernie got game


Great idea! A lot better than younger couch potatoes and computor heads.


Perfectly timed for March madness as well.


Megan Kelly can say that and yet remain straight-faced about the GOP clown circus performing daily. We have truly entered the world of the surreal.


Well, he won't be playing power forward for the Knicks anytime soon, but it is great to see that pieces won't be falling off the man the way the Clinton Campaign would like voters to believe....

In fact, she is always the one talking about "double standards", but isn't it funny how women politicians are almost never judged by their "health" or athletic prowess?

I'd like to see how well she does from inside the paint.....


Hey now! And I would bet good money [is there such a thing?] that the Donald would probably have a difficult time just bending over to pick up the ball! Peace and blessings to all, Tom Evans


The video isn't really about basketball - although he shoots much better than I do, this is about family - the basic unit of society. While there is much sound and fury about changing the definition of family - strengthening the family - the breakdown of family, Americans would do well to understand that you build strong families when you build a strong society. Many might not like the word socialism - but society/family/community and a host of other related ways to describe our life together is the foundation for building and allowing individuals to succeed and excel in life. All our popular movies about hero's with guns rebuilding after society is destroyed might make an few hours of "hero worship", but I certainly hope it isn't the world we are looking to build. Support a man who demonstrates in his own family the type of relationship which allows children to be safe - grow - learn - and be secure in the knowledge that the people around them love them and have their best interest in mind. Oh, and yes, look at Bernie's record - that is the society which he has worked to promote. Health care/education/living wage/an end to racism and measuring our success by the welfare of our weakest members - children/poor/immigrants/elderly/minorities. It's time to quit the bluster - the bad movie script - the hero with guns blazing, and discover the reality of daily life. The father - the working mother - the health care worker - the teacher - those who provide the services we use every day. When we honor them - we build the society which our grandchildren so desperately need and desire. Vote Bernie 2016