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'He Should Get the Nobel Peace Prize': Ellsberg Champions Snowden's Profound Impact


'He Should Get the Nobel Peace Prize': Ellsberg Champions Snowden's Profound Impact

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden should be credited with helping change U.S. surveillance law, Daniel Ellsberg, the man who leaked the Pentagon Papers, said Monday in an interview with The Guardian.

"It's interesting to see that the first time... this mass surveillance that's been going on is subjected to a genuine debate, it didn't stand up," he said.


Daniel Ellsberg is a guru and has stood for peace of half century. The Pentagon Papers saved hundreds of thousands of lives. I would like to see the Nobel committee give it to all whistleblowers.
Thank you Edward, Daniel, John, Jeffrey and all those that put on the Superman cape.


His memoir ‘Secrets’ along with Michael Herr’s ‘Dispatches’ serves as THE GREATEST of all accounts of the U.S. involvement in the affairs of Vietnam. Highly concise and very well edited (by his son).


It is too generous to say the senate has stood up and recognized its complicity with that massive treason.

Only Rand Paul has done that, and for doing it, the senate dumped merciless rhetorical crap all over him.


:slight_smile: Shouldn’t Obomber have to give HIS “peace prize” to Snowden, too? In addition to what Snowden would get…from a world that SHOULD be grateful to him? God knows I am!


Hear, Hear!

Let’s hear it for real American heroes: Ellsberg, Manning and Snowden!!!

The only ones who stick their necks out in government and subcontracting and who stand up for the US Constitution!


I empathize, but were I Snowden, I suspect that I would melt down anything I received from Barack Obama anyway.


Seeing how Obama seeks advice from Henry Kissinger, maybe they will also give Kissinger another Nobel.


It’s really sad, isn’t it?


Thanks for the smile, amigo. Just hearing Kissinger’s name has always nauseated me. The universe is sick to have let him live and awesome people …like Pete Seeger…die.


The US wants the next Peace Prize to go to Ukraine’s Poroshenko. Good Gawd!


Unfortunately we would have been better off had the US ““Freedom”” Act never passed. With the Federal Appeal Court’s recent ruling, Section 215 was already illegal. Now in the US ““Freedom”” Act, the new legislation will actually codify what was illegal before by simply storing the databases of phone records at the phone companies rather than inside the NSA itself. Electronically that means nothing, however. NSA can just as easily search a database in another location (as it already does with its many NSA contractors) as it can search a database inhouse. The critical issue, the illegal “FISA” court which rubber stamps everything the Government wants, has not changed. So it seems we are worse off than if nothing happened at all.

US Freedom Act does .NOT. stop Unconstitutional Surveillance. Here’s why…

Here’s What’s Wrong with the USA Freedom Act…


I agree that the people you mention should be honored. Don’t forget Julian Assange who has not stepped out ot the Ecuadorian Embassy for three years.


Our true Uncle S.A.M. - Snowden, Assange, Manning. And, dear, heroic Daniel Ellsberg, so brave and determined a whistleblower, is now a protector of liberty and justice for all, as shown by his jumping onboard and becoming one of the heroic plus plaintiffs in the 'trial of the century: Hedges, et. al. v. Obama, et. al… GO, WHISTLBLOWERS, GO !!!


While I think that Snowden and Manning are THE real patriots who deserve thanks and not jail cells, as well as Assange, I think the really serious candidate for a Peace Prize is Operation Code Pink and Medea Benjamin, for their tireless work, usually while being attacked by the establishment as mean, awful, degenerates (see John McCain). Dismissed even by Obama (calling Medea “that young lady” even though she’s older than he is), giving her and her organization a Nobel would be one hell of a finger in the eye of the U. S. establishment, which is why it will probably never happen.

P. S. Would someone ask Bernie Sanders if he is elected President will he pardon Manning and drop all charges against Snowden and Assange, and if not, why not?