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'He Told Us to Use His Words Against Him': Early AM Protest Outside Lindsey Graham's Home Over RBG Replacement

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/21/he-told-us-use-his-words-against-him-early-am-protest-outside-lindsey-grahams-home

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Lindsey Graham, like Donald Trump, is a prime example of a politician who has no problem placing party over principle while hypocritically trying to persuade people that his goals are pure and noble.

“Ambition in a man without morality is a dangerous thing.”-Paladin [Have Gun-Will Travel]


Lindsey Graham has the morals of a bowl of Jello. He will do whatever he believes will help him win his next election with his intellectually challenged constituency.

But, of course, that defines 98% of the Trump (former Republican) Party.


does anyone really expect Graham to be anything but the sycophantic lying hypocrite he is???


Unlike the Democrats, the GOP plays to its base. During the past half century that base has taken great pride in the GOP’s hypocrisy and success at getting away with ever more egregious lies with each passing year. They know what the base wants and they WILL deliver once again.

Just another example confirming that we do NOT have a Trump problem, we have a GOP problem.


This kind of direct action is what we need a lot more of.
Street action similar to BLM should be done to all the GOP thugs and their mafiosio leader, Donald Trump.
We can’t count on Congress or the rule of law or constitution.


You really think this is going to shame closet case Lindsay into “doing the right thing”? That little weasel called Donald Trump everything in the book, and Trump did everything to him he could in the 2016 campaign, including giving out his cell phone number on live TV. So, what happened after the election? Lindsay started fellating him like the rest stop dandy he is for the last four years, that’s what. You’re not going to stop what is about to happen. These a-holes don’t work for you and me, they work for the rich donors that brought them to the dance.


Republicans are sick people------or what did Hillary call them despicable’s----I think that is to nice----Ginsburg is not even in her grave-----these asshole republicans come out and say nice things about Ginsburg then they want to stab her in the back------I guess they figure Trump is going to lose? I think eleven justices is about right.

If Shummer is not doing everything to prevent this he is a disgrace to the memory and dying wish of Ginsburg.

Fox is crying how dare dem suggest adding more justices—and they are also bringing up 2000 but fail to mention how they stole the election----it was a Bush cousin working at fox that declared Bush the winner on election night-----and then Jeb went to the computer and added 50,000 votes in the state of Florida.

Republicans can never win except by cheating.


The conservatives on the Supreme Court have abandoned their loyalties to our Constitution. If this were an athletic contest, the conservative Supreme Court justices would have be characterized as the referees who protect the party (Republicans) that is breaking the rules while simultaneously penalizing the party (Democrats) that is following them. This is the twisted, bizarre, perverse state of “American Democracy” as it has been shaped by our corrupted referees on the United States Supreme Court.

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So a lying liar lied to you and you think you can use his lies against him?
Bless their hearts, but some protesters don’t seem to be clear on how politics works.

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Please tell me exactly what he is supposed to do. If all Republicans but 4 stay in line (or but 3 if Mark Kelly is seated before Jan 20 and the vote is after he is seated), then Ds lose and the Rs win on this. Shaming is all he’s got.

He’ll be lucky if he keeps all his Ds in line. Who knows what that piece of work Joe Manchin will do.

If only the Dems could stand up for their supposed constituencies–labor, minorities, environmentalists–the way the GOP does for its. As far as I can tell, Dems care about holding power above all–as well as collecting fat campaign contributions and other crumbs from the table from the wealthy. No wonder Trumpists are passionate about their candidate and Dems only lukewarm about theirs.


Read the CommonDreams piece about AOC. There are plenty of procedural things Senate Dems can do to stop this travesty. Hell, don’t show up for work and there will not be a quorum.


I’m sorry, but I don’t see the Dims following any rules, unless it is something that can be twisted to do what their masters, the Oligarchy, wants done. Both sock puppets are doing everything possible to play the Kabuki that will dupe We the People into again thinking that the will of the people is being accomplished, while the filthy rich get richer (and filthier) and the “man in the street” gets poorer, hungrier, and sicker, and more of them wind up living on the street with their families.
** Most thinking people realize that “R” means Rotten and “D” means Despicable, but they still drink the Koolaid. and vote for the “Lesser of two evils.” Remember, the Lesser of Two Evils is still evil.

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I re watched the Have Gun Will Travel series last year. Hadn’t seen them since I was a kid. I was very impressed and astonished by how good these episodes were. You have a skirt chasing dandy living in a San Francisco hotel who dons a black leather outfit to ‘work’ in some rural town often quoting Shakespeare to the locals. Many episodes were like morality lessons. Yes some episodes are better than others but still a net positive.

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I just read the article and the comments (I haven’t watched the video). I am not a lawyer and don’t know all the intricacies of options and counter responses by Rs, but after listening to the law professor on Katie Halpers show, my impression is still just like @Aleph_Null, the Ds can’t stop it. They can put up a fuss but I believe there are counter moves. Happy to be proved wrong.

I have not made up my mind on court packing yet. We’ll see if that is even an option.

Well, I hope the protesters woke his silly ass up, and disrupted “whatever” he happened to be doing. Although, it would have nice if they woke him up at traditional Revile Hour; 4:30 AM, with very loud horns, drums, bugles, and kazoos!

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You note that: “Many episodes were like morality lessons.” Indeed as Kathleen Spencer analyzes those many morality lessons offered by Paladin to both friend and foe alike in her book Art and Politics in Have Gun-Will Travel which I have recently ordered.

If I understand it correctly, that tactic won’t work. A US Senate quorum is 51, if all R’s show up they will have one.

If the Republicans control SCOTUS, what is to prevent them from declaring any attempt at ‘court packing’ as unconstitutional and illegal? If they don’t control it, why bother with packing.