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He Who Feels It, Knows It


He Who Feels It, Knows It

Monday told us all we need to know of the ongoing refugee crisis: The U.S. boasted it had welcomed 10,000 Syrian refugees this year as promised - out of over four million - even as international crews coordinated one of the largest one-day rescues, plucking 6,500 people from stormy waters off the Libyan coast. Meanwhile, refugees in earthquake-struck Italy stepped up to help; argued one, "I'm still alive (because) people here welcomed me."


Sometimes we see our greatest humanity in the darkest of moments.
That we may join this humanity with some wise and intelligent politics should be foremost in our minds.
The folly and ignorance of the reigning politics helped create this horror. Recognizing this is a moment of hope.


4 million refugees... wonder what the right wing, repug, rednecks in this country will do, when they become refugees, even in their own country....and their fellow Americans turn them away.... and...oh, it will happen, ... oh yeah... it will happen...and is pretty much already happening... people cannot keep loosing their homes and there not be a problem.... and, for instance, how to hell can the ground be "okay" to live on in Louisiana ... after all those fracking waste pools overflowed..??