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'He Won't Support Medicare for All. He Got Medicare for One': Trump Touts Disastrous Healthcare System That He's Trying to Make Even Worse

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/06/he-wont-support-medicare-all-he-got-medicare-one-trump-touts-disastrous-healthcare


Madman. Sociopath. Worse are those who support him.

From The Intercept:


Infected Trump Returns to White House, Risking Lives to Record Video on Behalf of Virus

The infected president removed his mask, endangering White House staff to record a video downplaying Covid-19.

“We’re going to be out front. As your leader, I had to do that,” Trump said, apparently referring to his decision to gather his supporters together to cheer for him despite the risks to their health, and his. “I knew there’s danger to it, but I had to do it,” he said. “I stood out front. I led.”


‘He Won’t Support Medicare for All’. Supports Biden’s spoken opposition …
that makes it unanimous. All the top politicians have prime level health care
and have no intention of sharing it with the masses. Reference ObamaCare:
Biden says he will put some lipstick on this pig and declare everyone
is “covered”.


Is he still taking dexamethasone?

IF SO, can we get someone NOT taking steroids in control of the nuclear codes?


Karma is a bitch. And I don’t mean the kind of personal karma that Trump may be facing in the next few weeks. I mean the karma that we are all about experience, the kind of Karma that originated in November of 1968, when we first knowingly elevated a libertarian megalomaniac to the presidency.
1968 was the pivotal year in US history. There were two different, and clearly distinct paths laid out before us. There was a new way, a Nation built on the collectivism being espoused by the counter culture and civil rights movements. And there was the old way, a return to the Jim Crow, neo-capitalist order of the first American gilded age. A nation where everyone knew their place.
We chose the latter then, and now we are seeing what 52 years of John Birch society brand, Jim Crow Militant libertarianIsm did to the USA. It should be plainly obvious for all to see now. There is no fixing this US system. It must be torn down, and built on that foundation put forth by our hippy grandparents some 50 plus years ago.
Trump was the logical epitaph for this selfish America.


Trump’s comments came as his administration is waging a legal battle against the Affordable Care Act which, if successful, would eliminate healthcare coverage for the millions of people currently insured by the law’s expansion of Medicaid as well as those who have purchased insurance on the exchanges.

Yes, and more: There will also be seniors and disabled people who are impoverished enough to have received Medicaid as supplemental. Take that away, Medicare will also go out the window as it will not be affordable. Do they care? Hell, no.


Check out the book that is being released on October 30, On The Ropes, Neil J. Smith, as it illustrates also what you observe. Our history makes this clear, laws of physics make this clear.

I have this image in my head that I hope to see someday in cartoon form. In the cartoon, Trump is approaching the Pearly Gates when he is suddenly startled by what he sees ahead of him. On the other side, blocking the entrance, is a sea of coronavirus and other patients who were the victims of his callus indifference to their survival when they were alive. All of them without exception, spreading out to the distant horizon, have their thumbs down as they block his entrance into the Hereafter.


Spoiled jerk covers it.

Trump might have had Covid. And he might have survived it. But I’m still hoping that he becomes one of the worst suffering long haulers.

At his current level of activity, I’d say the odds are pretty good.

The same wish goes to anyone trying to prevent universal health care.


Thanks, I’ll look that up today:)

Trump’s got Hubris, a bad case of it.
Trump’s supporters got delusion, a bad case of it.
The American people, left with a bankrupt country, a real bad case of it.


A jacked up super spreader president and his supporters are in awe. Wish I could turn off this reality show!


Trump… a RealSuperSpreader he is… of Covid, of lies, deceit, conflict, delusion and more…


A major factor in the progression you cite was the increasing power of the secret un-elected government.Truman, I think, began the end.

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On the health care issue as with many others, Trump v Biden is frustrating, but the choice of Biden is still clear.
The ACA was a sellout to the health insurance industry, for sure.
But at least it made health care more affordable and even possible for millions of Americans. It put some restrictions on the health insurance companies’ bad behavior.
Biden proposes to expand it and “maybe” offer a public option.
Not good enough, but…
Trump is attempting to kill ACA and Medicaid completely, also defunding social security and Medicare.
He is a Typhoid Mary politically and regarding our nation’s health.
I have a feeling that he is an agent of our enemies and a domestic terrorist.
It took a lot of work and planning for bin Laden to kill 3,000 people.
But Fuhrer Trump has killed tens of thousands and his “leadership” is off the cliff to kill many more of us.
His gutting of all workplace safety, consumer protections, and environmental regulations also sickens and kills Americans.
Trump and his supporters are indeed a Y’all Qaeda, and should be hunted down and subject to the same treatment as any terrorist group.


The article notes that:

" "There is nothing radical about the wealthiest nation on Earth caring for its people,’ Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) late Monday. ‘Healthcare is a human right. We need to protect the Affordable Care Act from Donald Trump and the Republicans who stand with him and move urgently to pass Medicare for All.’

‘Medicare for All,’ [added] Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), author of the Medicare for All Act of 2019 in the House, ‘means that the world class medical treatment the president is receiving is available to everyone’."

What Merkey does not say is that the Affordable Care Act should be superseded by a universal health care plan as that basic idea apparently is too radical to contemplate by the Democratic Party. Rep. Jayapal overlooks the fact that her leader Joe Biden is against Medicare for All. Perish the thought that the Democrats would criticize one of their own.


The Clinton Administration traded away our former right to modify our healthcare in 1994-1998 in the WTO GATS ‘agreement’.

@CommonDreams .


So just like Biden then.


Well said. Fortunately the collapse of the old system is already under way and the two state approved, rotten, corrupt political parties are also collapsing. Real change will come from below and that’s already begun.