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'He Won't Support Medicare for All. He Got Medicare for One': Trump Touts Disastrous Healthcare System That He's Trying to Make Even Worse

Every day I get mail, email, texts, imploring me to vote for Biden, the other candidate who vows to veto Medicare For All in a pandemic. Yet, he continues to refuse to support a policy that 90% of the dem base wants. Guess he thinks we have no choice but to vote for him while he does as his donors dictate.


I don’t think it is necessarily where you think it is. I think most of what we see is a sham. Both of the two parties are. We don’t live in a democracy.

For example, we signed away the right to fix things decades ago and still don’t know. They never told us and are hiding it all.


I’d like to think that could ever happen but the reality that is more likely is that, should Trump lose, his supporters will enter into an extended civil war in guerilla fashion with covert acts of violence against cititzens while the police (who also support Trump) will look the other way. There will be no hunting down of these terrorists. They will be tolerated, even encouraged, by the authorities, and the public will be told to show empathy towards them, while the police will say there is no evidence that they can follow up on and ignore their menace. The right is always coddled and tolerated in their rhetoric and violence as understandable, while the left is portrayed as Antifa anarchist terrorists for merely suggesting a better path and pointing out corruption.


I reply to the texts with #NeverBiden. Someone always replies telling me that I have been removed from their list. I get a lot less political texts now.


Good idea! I always reply that I will support Biden when he supports M4A and ending our regime change wars, but the contacts keep coming. I’ve even tried telling them to, “fuck off”. I’ll try your hashtag. Anyway, it’ll subside after November election.


Well, you should know that they are hiding a lot. Its become an international issue, they tied healthcare to high perceived value jobs in the US, which they can trade - We trade jobs and globalization concessions that block public services, in a treaty. We are now pawns in a huge global game. Healthcare policy space has been signed away and has become bait, in world trade, but because they want to use it to manipulate us, they never told us that.

This is typical.

Your state found this out in 2006. The document reporting what they found is interesting. Its on my site, just search on “Maine”.

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I believe the SCOTUS will indicate that a viable replacement be in place to have standing for a suit, or something like that.
We can’t go from 99 % coverage to something much less.
Otherwise it would be called endangerment.

Just add one letter to the last word in the above quote to make the whole thing into a true statement“I Lied!!”


Antifa followers around the country are getting more and more armed folks out front.
The old “show of force” tactic.
Biden was quite forthright at his town hall gathering. Protesters who vandalize and burn stuff need to be arrested along with the trouble makers on the right.

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Whenever we get one of those fundraising letters from Biden, I want to write"Return to sender" on it along with the message, “Ask your donors—you don’t need us!”


Yes, and Custer was an arrogant S.O.B. too Mr. trump.


I don’t get any e-mail requests from Biden, but a half dozen every day from trump, and I don’t visit any right-wing web sites.

I’d like to see a complete reckoning of what Tweetle-Dumb’s five days of “illness” cost us taxpayers, from the heli­copter ride to Walter Reed, a luxurious private room, ALL of the personnel hovering over him 24/7 (including num-
erous specialists AND all the special security staff), the unique and undoubtedly very expensive drugs, etc., etc.
Only the top 1% of the top 1% of the top 1% could afford it on their own.

Fortunately, for those of us who have co-insurance that is deducted from our Social Security and pension payments, most of our drug costs are covered.  Medicare is actually quite good, and IMHO it SHOULD be expanded to cover all U.S. citizens.   In the past ten years I have had quad-bypass heart surgery, been hospitalized twice with pneumonia, had chemo and radiation for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and major surgery for an intestinal blockage that included two weeks in the hospital.  All my out-of-pocket costs, including several years worth of meds for my heart condition, have totaled only a couple of thousand dollars in addition to my monthly Medicare and co-insurance premiums.  If it weren’t for Medicare I would have been out on the street years ago.


I used to think Nixon was the epitome of a AMORAL person… Nixon looks like a nepohyte compared to Trump and so many more of the GOP…


To get a preview as the book is not released until October 30 go to:


Yes, I have been a long-time advocate/activist for Improved Medicare For All. This to me was the compromise. I would rather have outright socialized medicine.

What we are advocating is Improved Medicare 4 All–no copays, deductibles and based on our income and includes eye and dental care. It is Medicare combined with medicaid.

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I am definitely for medical care for all, but MEDICARE 4 All is a total scam and should be avoided at all costs.

If there are no co-pays or deductibles, no employer contributions, or state contributions, how will it be funded?

And the way it is combined sucks. If you can continue to promote this, then I feel compelled to object.


I think their first choice is to have the government turn over the responsibility to the private intermediary firms (they wont be insurance, though I suspect people will likely just be paying out of pocket but maybe half of the cost will be profit and the rest will go to the foreign providers directly. They wont be insured - its not unlikely, foreign providers are much cheaper, exspecially in the countries that are most compatible with our system ideologically. Because they are poor countries.

Ths saves a lot of money but it diverts money from their own patients who need the care. These changes are being hyped as the saviors of the developing countries who cant afford healthcare as it is now. And in my opinion that would be hugely foolish to want to commit themselves to spending more money on infrastructure based on false illusions of rich Americans which is quite fara way from the reality.

A lot is still unknown or even secret - none of tehse agreements are public. Also, what will be the medicolegal standard of care. The devil is in the details.

It may not be insurance, it may be something else…It may not be subsidized, much or even at all.

The flow of patients my be both ways, rich patients and doctors coming here and poor patients going elsewhere.

I don’t know. I am just speculating based on what I have read…

Firms may set up that match patients with empty rooms and services and buy them airline ticksts and insure that procedure, - not insurance-

Firms who will be from the US but who will resell the services of foreign providers with a computer system intermediary. This will make it possible for people to pay the entire bill out of pocket…

Basically it will come down to only people who can not afford any kind of insurance anywhere getting any help at all from governments that have signed the Annex on FS eventually. , and it will be the most minimal help imaginable, probably with a requirement that it be delivered in the cheapest bidding provider, including overseas ones. That will probably work like priceline where your health status is used along with a bunch of other data relating to both health and economic status to determine the price you pay. The trip there and some per diem for your hotel, taxi, etc will also likely be subsidized if you are very poor. But we all need to realize that the gal of this scheme is having the people pay out of pocket first and only if they cant will the government be kicking in anything at all. That prevents governments from crowding out the corporations. Addltionally we’ll likely lose the additions the ACA added so the number of people who wont be insurable under the US system will be astronomical. Lots of new data has been collected so lots of new people will be disqualified by pre-existing conditions, also the percentage of people getting insurance through employers is shrinking very rapidly. Employers are also shedding employees. The effect will be lots of people will be on their own for healthcare who cannot afford it. Ive read estimates that as many as half of the families in the US have become in danger of not being insurable. Since the insurance companies are for profit entities, they win by collecting premiums for decades and then dumping people when they get sick. Also, a particular quirk of nongroup insurance is the rescission where insurers attempt to retroactively dump people, claw back the money they spent on their behalf because of what they insist is fraud. Then the providers who rendered services rebilll them and they have to rebill them at the uninsured, self-pay rate which is often much higher.

Its usually a situation where a doctor didnt know, or didnt think a diagnois applied but the insurer did, and penalyzed the patient for not telling them when the patient didnt know either. So the term “fraud” is usually inapproriate. But the patient, who lets not forget is already fighting a life threatening illness has to hire a lawyer, usually for cash thats in short supply. In fact, their assets may be frozenI would not be surprised, at some point, because the rebilling can be a huge debt.

We cant expect for profit businesses to act like a government or social service agency would, they are commercial entities. As such they are basically heartless.

This is why its just amazing that the US is still pushing our system which we seem to consider in some geopolitical, domino theory kind of way. I’ve seen too much about these things to not also suspect strongly that there is a linkage between the good jobs we allegedly traded away in GATS and probably soon TISA and these deals to eliminate public services in developing countries. GATS and TISA let them do that and its ugly.

I would be surprised, actually if we were not already trading away good jobs to literally pay off other countries to see things our way and dump their public healthcare systems like we are. We’re doing the same thing I am guessig with drugs, patents national treatment (allowing our companies to buy up their drug companies, and then do whatever we want with them, even close them) and the TRIPS agreement.
I dont know but reading through New York Times stories on the generic drug issue in India and comparing the timeline with the trade negotiations that I know have taken place, and the jobs and visa issue…

Its like our jobs and healthcare and drug affordability (extended drug patents/evergreening, and all sorts of other things that raise the prices of drugs or take them off the market, endangering the health of and likely killing a lot of sick poor people.

We are not just being held hostage by terrorists. (thats the only possible word for this) poor sick people are being executed to buy us the worst possible things, things that make these situations much worse, (losing a job also means losing healthcare when its so insanely out of reach like it is)

How can politicians get away with/have signed these deals that we Americans do not and would never want?

Giving foreign countries Americans jobs in exchange for that?

This is part of why GATS and its progeny deals are so repugnant.

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