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'He Won't Support Medicare for All. He Got Medicare for One': Trump Touts Disastrous Healthcare System That He's Trying to Make Even Worse

This is a form of privatization, which they are doing to Medicaid as we speak. The conveyance is insurance and next will be pharmaceuticals.

I don’t think thats allowed under the Understanding on Committments in Financial Services standstill to keep the ACA there indefinitely. We’re supposed to go back to the insurance regulatory state in 1998.

Its core WTO ideology that everything has to become more and more deregulated, so the ACA which brokke that rule has to be time and scope limited. Look up “progressive liberalization” also.

Also, the Annex on Financial Services wont allow Medicare to be expanded without privatizing it. Read the top section.

Ignore the stuff the politicians all say, they are lying to us because the truth is really ugly.

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