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Head of National Nurses Encourages Bernie Sanders to Start a People’s Party


Head of National Nurses Encourages Bernie Sanders to Start a People’s Party

Medea Benjamin

Even if you attended the 4,000-strong Peoples Summit in Chicago on June 9-11 organized by folks from the Bernie Sanders campaign and National Nurses United (NNU), you might have missed the most significant moment of the gathering. It was a seemingly offhand comment made by NNU Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro during the Saturday evening session when Bernie Sanders spoke to an adoring crowd, but a comment that adds kindling to a potential 2020 fire.


Since most of us are registered Independents, why not “Independent Party” instead?

Direct Democracy


“What have they got to lose?” Indeed! The democrats are already losing. Since they have no intentions to lure the working folks back through actions and are determined instead to continue their courtship of the corporate / moneyed class, why ever vote democrat again? Hmmm?


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:42404”]" . . . Democrats signed off on Wall Street bailouts, mass incarceration, and the Iraq War, giving up every- thing the party supposedly stood for . . .   But criticizing the Democrats and ditching them are two entirely different things. There are certainly sincere leaders still determined to change the party from within.[/quote] Jeff Merkley of Oregon, the only Senator to endorse Bernie comes to mind, as does Tim Canova of Florida.  And Al Franken, even though he endorsed Hilliary, has on the whole been a very conscientious and stalwart progressive – as has Sherrod Brown of Ohio.

IIRC, there is already an ‘American Independent Party’ which is more-or-less Alt-Right – or maybe worse –
so to avoid confusion we need an ‘American Progressive Party’.  There’s already a very effective ‘Vermont Progressive Party’, so maybe it could be taken nationwide by 2020 . . .

In the meantime, it’s of utmost importance to get Congress out of the hands of the RePooplicans – even if this means supporting a few less-than-progressive DamnocRats in 2018!!   Of course we need to do our best to get rid of the worst of them – like Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass of Florida – in the primaries.


IMO this is mainly a distraction. The focus should be on building power through social movements, not starting political parties. When you have power, you can make elected officials and candidates do what you want regardless of the letter in front of their names.

However, from the people are prepared to (yet again) throw their time, energy and resources into building a third party, I have yet to hear or read an intelligent explanation for why they don’t just take over the Green Party. The Greens share all the same principles, so it wouldn’t be a hostile takeover. And unlike the Democrats, the Greens are not corrupt, so they can be taken over. They are actually on the ballot in some places, they have volunteers and a few decent candidates around the country, and a democratic structure. I can’t take Nick Brana seriously because he can’t cogently answer that simple question - why start from zero when someone else already did some of the work?

The Left spends too much time building silos, so that we can be 100% morally and politically correct. We spend not enough time building power, so that someone outside of our circles, at some point, might actually do what we want.


This is all very exciting. But, why does Van “Trump is really president now” Jones keep getting included in these things. He is an opportunist, not to be trusted.


The way I look at all of this – building power through social movements and starting a new people’s party –
is they are all steps toward Revolution.

The people do represent “power” in this liberal nation – we are more than 84% anti-war and anti-MIC and
the numbers are even higher internationally – and that includes Universal Health Care for All … and the
will of the people continues to be ignored.

As well as our concerns for Nature, the Environment and the Planet as Trump dismantles the few protections we have.

Actually, I support these ideas and agree with the head of the Nurses’ union … and I quite sure her
concerns are also with National Health Care for All.

PS: > The Left spends too much time building silos, so that we can be 100% morally and politically correct. We spend not enough time building power, so that someone outside of our circles, at some point, might actually do what we want.

This idea of “political correctness” is another bit of right-wing propaganda which should be put to rest
and which, as always, is to intended to crate a knee-jerk response and to distract from the truth of the issue…
not unlike Frank Luntz (GOP propagandist advising W to substitute “climate change” for Global Warming.

Of course, Global Warming can be understood by any 3rd grader but “climate change” creates the illusion
of something natural happening. It is – Global Warming is caused by human activity and we are set for a
huge increase in ocean levels … not in some far distant future, but in the near future.

And – no – African Americans should not be subjected to seeing a noose scattered here and there around
a college campus where they may be studying. Women shouldn’t be subjected to foul names being called
to them by frat boys from their frat house windows.
Nor should young homosexuals or young lesbians be bullied and called names in their elementary or
high school hall ways.
This is HATE speech intended to create intolerance and violence against those it is directed at.

One of the strongest campaigns of HATE speech is the pornography industry which mainly involves sexual
violence against women. And it is sexual violence so extreme that young women who find themselves in
this industry can no longer “perform” in the industry for more than 2 or 3 months as their bodies become so
damaged so quickly.

It is as difficult for women to respond to this HATE speech as it was for Jews to respond to the 1500 years
of vile hate speech against them by the Catholic Church within its Papal States.
Or the propaganda against Africans enslaved here which labeled them as less than human and deprived
them of education in order to prove their unworthiness. This war on AA’s continue on today.
Same of course with the native Americans who certainly have claim to this land stolen from them and are
the greatest threat to our government which acted in their invasion with such overwhelming brutality and
violence and finally, genocide. This extended also to a campaign against native American children who
were kidnapped from their families and placed in “church schools” run by the Mormon and RCC for the US
government where they were abused in every way – including sexually abused and murdered.
And of course the war on women to preserve Elite patriarchy (the bird with one wing) continues on today
here in the US where we still hear claims of “democracy.”
Rather it looks like the beginnings of a new Witch Hunt.

As I said above, these are new steps in a move toward Revolution in the self-defense of the citizens of this nation.

And in recognition of the great damage our government is doing and has done throughout the world in wars
and weapons-running through these past few hundred years.

“Political correctness” is the cry of those who want to deny justice to those oppressed by Elite Patriarchy…
and to hide the reality of what is being done.


NNU has been critical to the campaign for universal health care. We absolutely need more of that kind of work.

But popular opinion is not power. It doesn’t matter that most people in the country want universal health care without organization, demands, and coordinated action behind that opinion. 84% of people having an opinion, talking to themselves, and not acting in an organized way do not present any sort of pressure to make change.

And I simply don’t understand the call to start a new party from scratch. We do not have unlimited time, unlimited energy and unlimited resources.


There are two democratic parties. One has a progressive wing and the other boasts that they often vote with the republicans. In between those two extremes are the two democratic parties. These are composed of old guard, no term limits, well funded by the corporate coup taking place and skilled in the time honored practice of politicians in saying ‘they will’ and then later explaining why ‘they didn’t’. Both are moderate (leaning to the conservative but unwilling to admit it) to center (conservative with a involuntary nod to the liberal ).

Some might say there is no Democratic Party at all! There is only the ‘Vote for us because at least we aren’t Republicans’ Party.


The need is to start fresh because everything else is associated with failure. The Greens are big on pages like CD but they are virtually non existent and worse a joke out there in the real world. They have proven in election after election that 99% of America does not want to vote for them.


Well, then call it something else. I’m not criticizing intersectionality here, I’m criticizing whatever keeps the People’s Party proponents from being able to work with an existing framework set up by other progressives who believe at least 95% of the exact same things.


So change the name. Rebrand! It works. Rich people do that sh-t all the time.


This is not “popular opinion” this is a liberal nation as is verified and confirmed over and again …
but still unacknowledged by our MSM/fake news run by Operation Mockingbird.

This was to be a “government of, by and for the people” – yet our Founders betrayed us in
actually creating an Elite patriarchy. They endowed it with land grants and gave them immense
influence and control over our nation’s wealth and natural resources.

The Founders protected SLAVERY for the wealthy which guaranteed the Civil War which further
benefited Elites by separating the population into two camps of hatred which echoes on today.

And all of this was done while they proclaimed “equality for all.”

Campaigns (of lies, actually) have been run by politicians over the last 20+ years and more by
politicians to create Universal Health Care – (See Clinton Administration) – and citizens have
voted for those proposals only to be betrayed over and again.

And we now see STATEWIDE campaigns to institute National Health Care in individual states –
much as was done by Vermont a number of years ago. THAT is evidence of the long term
organizing for health care which has been denied over and again …

While, actually, both of our political parties have participated in attempts to destroy Medicare and
Social Security and those attempts continue on today.

So – no, there is only evidence of organizing, of high interest – and of government ignoring the
will of the people.

Let’s also remember that Social Security is paid for by citizens and by contributions from the
corporations they work for – and the government pays NOTHING for that program.
In fact, Social Security pays the government 3% to administer the program.

Nonetheless Social Security is included in the General Budget to distract from the costs of our
MIC and Intelligence projects and to hide how little is actually spent of our tax dollars on the people.

Also, recall that our corrupted government has been “borrowing” from the Social Security Trust Fund
decade after decade after decade – and the Trust Fund is owed TRILLIONS by our Treasury.

That yearly surplus must be eliminated and the borrowing prevented.


DeMoro must be kidding. Benie lives in two worlds, this progressive people’s movement and the traditional politics of the Democratic Party which he at times claims not to belong to but caucuses with. During the general election he was a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton. He seems to detest the Green Party, apparently refuses to speak with Jill Stein, and doesn’t agree at all with the Green Party on foreign policy, being aligned much more with the view of the Democrats. He refused to run as a third party candidate in the last election and certainly would not if it helped get Donald Trump elected again. His number one priority is getting Trump out of office. The last thing he would do would give any support to a third party on the left and he certainly wouldn’t run as their candidate. Whomever gets the Democratic Party nomination is who he will back.


Lol! I think if there were an Independents Party that all those who voted with the Greens would switch. Btw the Greens are not some major political party. They do not have an organization behind them. I think you have the wrong impression of how big they are. The fact is that they aren’t big… not even close.


dahlia –

“Political Correctness” is a right wing label created to confuse the public …

Yes – let’s call it “Justice” for the oppressed … or anti-anti-discrimination responses.

“Working within the existing framework” is also a well-know recognized scheme to waste
the energy of organizers and the public.

As we’ve seen from the response to human rights for African Americans and people of color,
for Homosexuals and for Women the public believes in fairness and justice and opposes
these discriminations and oppressions of citizens in order to divide us – and for the profit of
Elites among us.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that right-wing propaganda like “Political Correctness” isn’t effective
in fooling the public.


I have a good impression of how much work it takes to get on a ballot line. The Greens already are in some places, and have managed to in most states. What organization they have differs from place to place, but they have a national presence. In many places they have dedicated volunteers who have campaign experience. In a few places they have people in office already. They’ve been in power in Richmond California for some years. So it is a mistake, and a waste, to think they are at zero.

The People’s Party is at zero.


If you consider the Green Party to be “the existing framework,” then I guess you’re answering my question as to why we build silos.


I consider the Green Party to be a valid and worthwhile organization which I support
financially and with my vote.

However, because of the long time corruption of the US system of Elections I am
very seriously considering no longer voting.

But again – “working within the system” – and a corrupt system, at that – is simply
as many others have pointed out … “an invitation to ‘get lost’”

And I do believe that “working within the system” still includes running for office as
suggested by Sanders. If you try this, you will find what many others have found
that only the wealthy are welcome.



Then I’m not sure what we’re debating.