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Headlining at Verizon Headquarters, FCC Chair Ajit Pai Dismisses Net Neutrality Defenders as 'Desperate'


Headlining at Verizon Headquarters, FCC Chair Ajit Pai Dismisses Net Neutrality Defenders as 'Desperate'

Julia Conley, staff writer

"This is the kind of corruption that turns your stomach," said Evan Greer of Fight for the Future


What conflict of interest??

Congress is cobbling together a tax bill, which Twitler will eventually sign into law, which directly benefits themselves. FCC Chairman Pai will rewrite communications law so as to benefit his former (and probably subsequent) employer, Verizon. And so on.

How blatant does it have to be for somebody—ANYBODY—to call it out for what it is?? And how badly must we be hurt before we defend ourselves, our progeny and the planet??


If Roy Moore looses in Alabama, Trump can appoint him to the FCC. Seems like they need another man with “integrity.”


The USA is a plutocracy. Can you hear me now?


Ejit Pai serves the capitalist system of greed and making more Americans the playthings/wage-slaves/serfs of big-money and power!

STILL waiting for the Dem establishment to be more than a timid backdrop for the trump/R’con scum thieves-destroyers! Where are the demonstrations or have those Dems become so complicit and comfortable with the corruption and betrayals they cannot even respond to such egregious and criminal/treasonous actions?

Where is the outrage? Where the leadership? Where the reforms to lead a new progressive party? Nowhere apparently! IF and when they ever regain power, I expect a typical timid, lap-dog, reality, not even a shred of strength and payback - just more weak shite!

Even after the betrayal of progressives and TRUE American values by that Dem elite, largely responsible for the rise of trump regime fascism/criminal conspiracy, they STILL refuse to see the truth of who they supposedly represent! STILL refuse to reform and make the Dem Party a true opposition and vehicle for real change we can both believe-in and trust!

Bernie Sanders leads the opposition while the DNC big-money-believing Dem machine rolls on into the dung-heap of history - complicit to the crimes! Even with all the crimes/outrages/thefts/destruction committed by the right-wing trump/R’Con cabal, the Dem elite Clinton/Obama machine remain complicit shag-heads all!


True. A plutocracy that has been… and is backed by its military.


The Dems and the Rethugs combined fit the definition of a syndicate rather than a government…


Well, we ARE desperate, because public opinion being irrelevant in the US, this little cabal has the power to deny us access to the internet–right after their friends in Congress just voted to deny us access to higher education and healthcare. And their buddies at FERC are greenlighting every pipeline proposal that the financially desperate oil companies and gas companies can dream up to stanch the bleeding of their bottom line by letting them use eminent domain to snatch any property they want, and charge their ratepayers for every cent they spend building the things, plus 14% profit. And they slapped a huge tax on solar power while adding new subsidies to fossil fuels and nukes. In other words, it’s one assault on the public after another, anything to benefit any special interest that asks for it–a$ks in the right way, of course. Sooner or later we reach the breaking point where mobs start going after the bastards and stringing them from lampposts. They’re safer, as we approach that point, if we don’t have internet access.


BDS Verizon.


It took A.Hitler and his henchmen six months to turn what was left of the Weimar Republik into a dictatorship, BY THE LAW (!). Propaganda and Censorship played a significant role in this. Not only are we looking toward unadulterated Censorship in the US if Net Neutrality vanishes but also an onslaught of right-wing fascist Propaganda courtesy of Sinclair Media, a Trump-regime-friendly corporation, that currently owns 173 local TV stations and plans to acquire 42 more.
The disdain I feel…


I’m just about tired of fighting an unwinnable war. (Similar to never ending wars against terrorism or drugs.) I am concerned, after net neutrality goes down the memory hole, on my ability to read dissident news, or the truth as such. Every day they are dismantling the government institutions and turning things over to corporations; or creating a fascist corporate state, in place of a representative republic.The reps are bought,(bribed) by huge corporate monopolies and citizens now don’t matter, at all. It’s now clear; it’s over, the America we were taught in school was a fabricated lie and it’s here now for all to see, if they will only open their eyes. Really open your eyes!


To answer Sinclair Lewis, from his book, yes it did happen here and we’re all seeing it first hand playing out in real time. Fascism, unadulterated corporate fascism.


Me & Bobby McGee…Freedoms just another word for nothin’ left to loose…there is nothing left with all that has taken place since 1/20/17…I share in your tiredness…suppression leads to oppression which leads to tyranny…I am lucky in that I have a Dem. Rep. who is strongly on our side but what that means in the end is he will be suppressed right along with us…I will be dead soon enough so I really don’t matter but for our coming generations it matters greatly, all across the globe, I don’t know how to protect them and that is what hurts the most.


I feel your pain, mate…


I presume everybody has noticed the arrogance of the Oilagarchy these days.
*They used to have to beg and bribe off the radar, under the table, in bars and back rooms. That was when they were buying the government.
Now that they seem to have bought a reasonably comfortable majority in all three branches of the government, they no longer give a shit what We the People think. A few more months and we’ll be the powerless serfs the Oilagarchy thinks is the “natural order” of things.
*As a result, they now feel that they can screw us in the open, and that there is not a thing we can do about it. So, they just laugh at us while their lackeys approve these disastrous bills and the Executive Actions that are destroying what little is left of our republic.
*Very few dictatorships and empires end by the dictator turning over power peaceably to the people. If you read your history books, most of them go through increasing attempts to control the people, and if that fails, one day they disappear, to reappear in some country with all the loot they have gotten, to live out their days in comfort.
*The people then have to try to rebuild their ravaged and impoverished country. Often, they have succeeded. Can we?


Thanks for putting that idea in Trumps head.


Can’t we go out as an angry mob and mill them sooner? The sooner the better…