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Healing the Nation's "Broken and Scattered" Hoop

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/19/healing-nations-broken-and-scattered-hoop


Some of us know and love Rupa Marya as both a public-health authority and a terrific world/fusion type musician, leader of Rupa & the April Fishes (with the finest practitioner of slap-style string bass I’ve ever heard). Super fun, mega-danceable, check it out:



WOW! Thank you for the link.

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This is one very important cause of the miasma. the opposite of San Francisco’s cooling, healing fog.


Realize as you read it how very deceptive this trick treaty has been, and that in November 2001 they MILKED the sympathy many countries had to the US after the September 11 disaster to CRAM this horrible agreement down the throats of what were then 140 other WTO nations, And that (perhaps based on the similar sounding names), they also managed to get the world media to stop covering the global coup represented by the World Trade Organization at that tiime keeping what they were doing under wraps and depriving people of the opportunity to discuss it, and that this media blackout lasts to this day, most Americans dont realize for example, that creating new public healthcare and new public housing and new public higher education have been made WTO illegal and existing instances of them in many countries are being phased out because the party line of the Washington Consensus is said to demand that public services be replaced with private.

This is what the rest of the world is told the United States wants, now that Communism has been defeated, all sharing has to end.

What else are they hiding from us?

It is great to see the idea of “new forms of community safety” on the table, though I do note that this is not the case among the legislature.

We had better be specific about those forms, though. The old forms, prior to jailing, involved stocks, whippings, removal of body parts, and hanging. I hope that no one imagines that American government is at all beyond such actions as it operates a gulag of torture sites, executes without trial and by association, claims jurisdiction beyond its borders, and–hey, can we be surprised at this point?–continues in its racism and class-ism.

Because the people against whom any population would protect itself are other humans and not reptilians or zombies or whatever, community safety ultimately comes from greater equality of distribution and access to goods and services. Otherwise, “security” just means separating rights and privileges from an underclass, however that class might be differentiated.

This also means that plugging demographic minorities into otherwise identical power structures will do little to resolve iniquity. This is not because a healthy society would not have various demographics represented in various positions, but because separating people from goods and services and rights and privileges requires violence.

So, in the specific, the reasons that electing Kamala Harris or Barack Obama does not resolve racism, whereas something like access to healthcare actually does help despite being inadequate by virtue of leaving so many things unaddressed.

Meanwhile, more than 24 hours after this significant article was published, a mere four souls have even had the curiosity to find out what it means. And meanwhile, CD regulars in droves are amusing themselves to death lobbing verbal brickbats at Trump on other articles in the “Week in review” bundle.

Regarding the paragraph near the end, quoting Black Elk, “.for the nation’s hoop is broken and scattered….there is no center any longer.” It might be worthwhile to read ‘The Second Coming’ by Wm. B. Yeats, 1919, “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;”
– and we will never know whether what Black Elk said was original from him, or if he was riffing on Yeats.

As for the sub-headline “We are at a reckoning point in history, where we must decide how we will continue as a nation and how we will continue as inhabitants on this planet that supports all of our lives.” Read this: WALSH: It Is Time To Face The Facts. We Cannot Be United.
(Regarding new common dreams policy, remove the ‘–’ from the above.)

Pretty safe to say that what is rendered here as Black elk is an approximation and out of context but still has an essence of the concept. IMO

This comes from: Black Elk Speaks is a 1932 book by John G. Neihardt an American poet and writer, who relates the story of Black Elk, an Oglala Lakota medicine man. Black Elk spoke in Lakota and Black Elk’s son, Ben Black Elk, who was present during the talks, translated his father’s words into English. Neihardt made notes during these talks which he later used as the basis for his book.

I don’t think the Lakota had medicine men either. healer or holy man would be one example of how things are changed in translation.


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