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Health Care for People...or for Corporate Profits?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/12/health-care-peopleor-corporate-profits

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The hired political hacks include the Culinary Union leadership in Nevada that are claiming M4A will “take away” their health insurance. While Biden is toast, all of the other anti-Bernie Pretenders (including Liz) are sure to jump on this shit.



What that army of lobbyists does in Washington when they sit down with Politicians to discuss the future of Health Care in the United States is no secret to the Politicians. The Politicians know exactly why they are there. The lobbyists are there to BUY influence and nothing more. They are there to protect profits to the industry and nothing more. The Politicians KNOW that they are not concerned about peoples access to health care yet will sit down with these guys to discuss strategies.

It should be apparent to all that any Politician that sits down with one of these lobbyists is already soliciting a bribe and knows that this exactly what they are doing. The mere act of sitting down with a lobbyist for the Health Care industry should disqualify a whole lot of Politicians as a politician the electorate would support.


Wendell Potter:
“I read this morning that Mayor Pete plans to attack Medicare For All, for political gain in Nevada. This will thrill my old pals in the insurance industry, as Pete’s plan preserves the very system that makes them huge profits while bankrupting & killing millions. Here’s why. 1/7”

Also this, from an old piece by Rick Perlstein:

“the bright-eyed anti-war reform Demorats who formed the core of McGovern’s movement became locked in a civil war with the old-line union leaders who were as uncomfortable with reform as they were comfortable with the Vietnam War. It got ugly. Long story short: AFL-CIO president George Meany, who chose to remain neutral in the 1972 presidential election but who obviously favored Richard Nixon, got the last word. At a Steelworkers convention in September, he explained that the “Democratic Party has been taken over by people named Jack who look like Jills and smell like Johns.””


Insurance is basically socialistic, it needs to be regulated. It seems like healthcare insurance is the worst of the worst, with other forms that work fairly well. The health care industry needs to be regulated or you have the potential for an even worse system with a new name. Oh brother, it is such a racket.


This is the richest country in the history of ther world,and yet we can’t, or won’t take care of all of us. The prevailing mind set seems to be, “if you can’t afford to see a doctor, then you should go ahead and die.”
WWJD? This most Christian of nations is decididly un-Christian,. Jesus wept.

The medical term for most of the American health system is macroparasite.


Yep. There is the irony. In concept, at least, insurance is a pooling of everyone’s funds so that no one individual will be wiped out. Once you get managers in the middle that becomes a fulcrum in the system which allows what is really just embezzlement, a little at first, then more and then freefall which we have now.
The concept of a common-protection pool, of course is exactly what care for all is all about. When run by the governing body of the people (for the people) works without theft.
The only thing at that point to make sure of is that the administering of the program has the power to negotiate prices otherwise it just becomes yet another money mine for the healthcare industry, except run in the background rather than as a direct expense to each person (such as what we have now with the “defense” industry). We have to prevent that.

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Excellent comment. Thank you