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Health Care in America: Profit-Driven For Somebody, Usually A Consummate Douchebag


Health Care in America: Profit-Driven For Somebody, Usually A Consummate Douchebag

Meet Martin Shkreli, a young former hedge fund manager turned pharmaceutical kingpin in the news for buying a 60-year-old drug that treats life-threatening parasitic infections in AIDS and cancer patients, and overnight hiking its price from $13.50 to $750 - a 5,455% increase. Shkreli is being called a "vermin," a "greedy creep in a suit," a "turd with feet" - all richly deserved - but we want to thank him for so cruelly evincing why health care should not be a for-profit business.


Wanna see a psychopath, guys? Look at Shkreli. His behavior is nearly canonical: egotistical, self-promoting, power-seeking, harmfully exploitative, unhesitating, uncaring, remorseless.


Everything about this is extremely depressing. How does a society allow this sort of asinine evil?


Because they don't consider it to be evil - quite the opposite - they consider Mr. Shkreli's behavior to be and exemplary example of the highest principles of Freedom and Free Markets.

A couple weeks ago my city passed a watered-down ordinance requiring employers of more than 15 people to provide five days of paid sick leave a year (3 days for les than 15 employees) - but with no effective enforcement mechanism - it is entirely up to the (cowed) employee to enforce the law for themselves. Regardless of this, it has led to a campaign of wailing, teeth-gnashing, moral indignation from numerous restaurants and other businesses, to be followed by expensive lawsuits against the city that will probably be successful in defeating the law. It is an attack on Freedom!


I agree, and I hope you post does not get deleted. There is no case in history where the powerful have ever conceded their power simply by saying "please".


And I don't wasn't to sound racist - but Shkreli is Albanian, and Albanians are, in general, not a very nice people. That is why the USA likes them so, violently invaded then gave them the Serbian heartland of Kosovo, and looked the other way as the Albanians violently drove Serbians from their homes and burned down their historic Orthodox churches and monasteries.

I don't like Albanians.


It allows it when it's being run by the same kind of predators because they don't see anything wrong with behavior like his!


This is exactly what happens when a society puts profits before anything else. Unfortunately, this is just one of many cases like this. Think of the slave wages many companies pay who make huge profits. Think of the rich and corporations who pay little or no taxes. Think of the misery, murders and wars we cause for the crap we own. This is everywhere.


does he have family? what planet are they from, is there a return sticker for ups or fedex...the pic on the front page makes him look alien and in no way human...seems to me that the CDC and other organisms should find a vaccine for this dis-ease...yes...we have have become a country where only 2 things matter, money & killing things, this guy did it in one punch


Why is this guy not running for the Repub presidential nomination? He seems like a shoe-in!


If by "they" you mean society, I would have to disagree. Most people find this behaviour abhorrent. I mean just look at all the media coverage this is getting and the reaction to it.

These people are protected by money and power.


I guess that's sort of my point. Society isn't equal to those who run it. It's depraved that this sort of atrocity is encouraged, even while most of us find it to be horrible.


And look at the eyes - soulless ... gives Zombies a bad name ...


It's called capitalism


Oh, i dunno - maybe because it believes the private sector is the best mediator of healthcare delivery - that "markets" are the best place to get care ....

Ironic that the 2 biggest gougers of healthcare "provision" - big Phrma and the insurance industry will be "arguing" over the price - so will the latter pay for this drug, and use it as an excuse to raise premiums, and will the gov't subsidize them some more - ala that wonderful ACA that so many pols voted for?


Really? Society is really sick of it? Then why do we keep putting folks in office who could put an end to it, but don't?


Shkreli embodies pure evil. In all photos and recently on TV in an interview with PBS Newshour, he looks totally demonic...a real life troll. And when he opens his mouth, all manner of putrefaction flows forth. Someone will eventually wipe that self-satisfied smirk off his face and not too gently.


This is the face of vulture capitalism and profits above all-else. An arrogant snot-nose child wielding the power to affect the most vulnerable people's lives to such a degree is an obcenity....but has become the norm, whether a souless corporate CEO, financial parasite, politician, or this miserable excuse for a human being......


Actually what the bastard needs is to be thrown in jail for price gouging! Preferably in the infectious disease ward of the prison!


Its pretty simple: America is a democracy: a government of the people.
But one of the two major parties consistently uses its power not for the people but for corporations interests. This is a case of insufficient regulations to protect peoples interests and lives. The GOP rants about how regulations are evils to flag waving people who don't even know what the word means or that its killing their grandmother. Democracy is predicated on people voting and understanding what they are voting about. Its very clear from the past 6 years of insanity over Obama Care ( aimed at making healthcare work for people, not corporations ) that neither of those things are happening. Its inmportant that uneducated voters are educated and educated voters vote. Regulations can turn this guy into a criminal, but that requires us to reverse the take over of Congress of 2014 when people who support people over corporations didn't give a shit enough to spend 15 minutes voting every two years.