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Health Care Reform: Commercial Multi-Payer vs. Public Single-Payer Health Insurance


Health Care Reform: Commercial Multi-Payer vs. Public Single-Payer Health Insurance

Michele Swenson

Washington health care “reform” has become one more vehicle for the continued 40-year wealth transfer upward. Recent Republican proposals offer $600 B in tax cuts for the wealthiest, paid for by $840 B in Medicaid cuts for the low-income. To Republicans, "freedom" means freedom from health care access.


The Facts presented in this article show how the Control of the Unregulated Media is crucial to any of this Plunder of the Public.

It's the reason why, today, in informal talk sessions attended by Bernie, working class Trump voters get their eyes opened, and their allegiances switched.


Although I have never been a fan of the Clintons, from a DC centric perspective Hillary was spot on when she said single payer will never happen here.

Just as it took Saskatchewan' starting provincial single payer that soon spread nationwide giving Canada the system it has today, it will take one state's initiative to get the ball rolling in the USA. There is no end to the stream of money K Street lobbyists have available to make sure single payer makes no progress in DC.

California has the economy of scale, fiscal soundness and other attributes that no other state currently has. Unless California can make headway soon, single payer may never arrive in the US.


I don't believe Hillary was spot-on at all. If anything, she retreated to her usual CYA position, as an excuse to obscure her fumbling of healthcare reform when it was her job.

In the meantime, you're correct: a state like California can and will institute single payer and it will catch on in most, if not all states eventually. I'm a cold-hearted pessimist, yet I truly believe single payer will happen.

This author is wise to point out that all insurance is socialist, just like most fire departments.


Here's a simple, elegant solution for California to fund healthcare: create a public ally owned state bank. Great way to put our money to work for us--to take it away from a predatory political-economic system. After all it's our money. Lots of models to follow.


I don't care what political party you may affiliate with - if you don't support 'Single Payer' you have a severe lack of humanity. There is no valid argument for staying with the current system, known for mediocre outcomes, while robbing the population blind. We must come to terms with the fact: our health care system is lousy because our politicians are patently corrupt.