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Health Care Victory Paves Way for Redoubled Resistance


Health Care Victory Paves Way for Redoubled Resistance

LeeAnn Hall

On Thursday, People’s Action was pulling out all the stops to defeat Republicans’ plan to repeal health care on the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – and preparing to take the fight to the Senate. Come Friday, we celebrated a stunning victory for community organizing, and the popular resistance organizers have stoked since the election. Now, we are gearing up for the fight ahead.


People's Action is proving a beautiful, effective Template.


Lets hope "people's action" can stop Gorsuch. The extreme right SCOTUS he will enable will destroy the ACA and more far more effectively than Congress ever could. Whatever effort activists put into fighting the ACA attack, they need to double that to keep Gorsuch out, or their ACA activism to date will have been for naught.


Nary a mention of the Democrats. Perfect.


Since when is this a "victory" when a lot of small businesses can't afford the ACA and lots of people can't afford the premiums? We need single payer not more profits for the insurance industry.