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Health Risks to Immigrants in Trump Administration's Custody Prompt Comparisons to Nazi Camps

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/31/health-risks-immigrants-trump-administrations-custody-prompt-comparisons-nazi-camps

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The clarity of this administration’s hatred of immigrants to the point of not caring whether they live or die, will turn into the majority of votes against it ever continuing in 2020.

Please don’t be complicit in normalizing the unnormal and legitimizing the illegitimate: don’t say “Trump administration.” It implies normal and legitimate. Is that what you intend? If not, the correct and appropriate term is “Trump regime.”

FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) has this to say about the use of “regime”: https://fair.org/home/a-regime-is-a-government-at-odds-with-the-us-empire

The word “regime” implies that the government to which the label is applied is undemocratic, even tyrannical… broadly the word “regime” suggests a government that is unrepresentative, repressive, corrupt, aggressive… the US itself meets many of the criteria for being a “regime”… Calling a government a “regime” suggests a lack of legitimacy, with the implication that its ousting … would serve humanitarian and democratic ends; it’s no accident that the phrase is “regime change,” not “government change” or “administration change.” The obverse is also true: The authority of a “government” [or “administration”] is more apt to be seen as legitimate, with resistance to it or defense against it frequently depicted as criminal or terroristic.

Other US presidential administrations have practiced cruelty, corruption, hatred and lawlessness, but never with the Trump gang’s relentless and systematic practice in public policy.

Your choice of “administration” or “regime” frames the conversation. As a matter of editorial policy, please don’t be complicit. We deserve better.

Thank you.

Christopher has provided quite a bit of info to think over.
Johnathon Winickoff, from his lofty Harvard perch, decries lack of vaccinations to refugee childrens coming into southern states.
Johnathon, shut up, go there and fix it.
do not just complain !!

Then, the author moves on to children coming here from other nations and their parents are given visa status to work for up to two years while their child is treated.
No comment from me until we see the spread sheet containing the details.
From a humanitarian perspective, we have also sent our physicians overseas to provide physicals, vaccinations, training and education.

Annual physicals for school children here for $25.00 which is a big bargain.

The narrative of calling the Trump regime an “administration” is, to say the least, an egregious misnomer. From my perspective, the appropriate narrative would be to label the Trump administration… A MAFIAOCRACY!