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Health Victory Opens Way to Better Care for All


Health Victory Opens Way to Better Care for All

LeeAnn Hall
Today, we have a lot to celebrate. We saved health care for 23 million people – and for our whole country.

Yes, it was the months of tireless effort by opponents of the Trump-Republican health care repeal effort that set the stage for the legislative defeat that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was forced to acknowledge Monday night.


Saving ObamaCare is not a “victory,” but blocks real health insurance reform (some form of Single Payer) for decades. It amazes me that so-called U.S. “progressives” can’t distinguish between health insurance dominated by the private sector and health care a human right.


And, keep in mind, Johnson wanted a national healthcare program and couldn’t do it with a 295 seat House majority and a 68 seat Seate majority. The ACA expanded Medicaid and created premium supports for the purchase of private insurance with a substantially smaller margin of votes than the one Johnson had to work with.


Now that the Republicans find themselves at a dead end on their healthcare plans, the Democrats are gathering to persuade them to get Obamacare off of life support. Single payer won’t even come up for discussion. Not enough Democrats support it, let alone Republicans. Have to agree, that if a bipartisan effort to rework Obamacare succeeds, the better than nothing status quo gets further entrenched with single payer getting pushed off the table for the foreseeable future. Even if the Dems retake the White House in 2020, they’re not about to scrap their own program. We may never get another single payer opportunity like the one Obama threw away.


That is why it is more necessary to primary the corporate Dems come 2018. Heck it might be the only way the Dems can win in 2018. The GOP only need 4 more republicans in the Senate to get a super majority and call a constitutional convention and make their agenda the permanent law of the land for the foreseeable future. And unfortunately the Dems as is won’t or don’t want to stop them.


ALEC is meeting in Denver this week to strategize on repealing the 17th amendment that ended appointment of US Senators by governors and state party bosses in 1913. Such a repeal will be the easiest way for the GOP to gain total control.

Neither “we”, anybody or anything else “saved healthcare for 23 million people”.

GOP meddling to date has already resulted in millions losing coverage…millions that the media some how overlook. At years end many more millions will lose coverage because insurers will leave their respective “market” after December 31. This is what is happening even if the GOP stops paying attention to the issue tomorrow and conducts NO voting on anything healthcare related.

Further GOP meddling will result in even more Murkins losing coverage even if both houses of Congress conduct no more votes,

“Better care for all” will happen ONLY if it originates in one of the 50 states. It will NEVER originate in DC, there is simply too much quicksand in that swamp.


Because then, as now, the D-party is an establishment-enabling body of corporate lapdogs.


Another health care article that doesn’t even mention HR 676 - National Improved Medicare for All. Just another incrementalist saying that we just cannot ask for what we really want and need.

The public option that was mentioned in the article, is exactly that – let’s not be too bold, let’s just take it a tiny step at a time.

Even though the insurance corps will not say it publicly, they what a public option. They’ll love it because they will then be free of preexisting conditions or any other obligation to cover anyone other than the healthy. And, that is exactly what they will do.

They will create policies that will attract only the young and healthy and continue to rake in billions. The sick and the most costly, will be on the public option without the healthy to contribute to the plan. It will be a two tiered system with the healthy pitted against the sick.

The public option is just more neoliberal pandering to the Insurance and pharma industries.


In 2009 “the public option” was nothing more than a contrived distraction so we would not pay attention to the shell game Max Baucus, Liz Fowler, Billy Tauzin, and the other ACA architects were playing with us.

Only somebody afflicted with Stockholm Syndrome would take “the public option” seriously in 2017.


Disagree. The House passed the public option. It was in the House bill. Conservative Democrats, like Nelson from Nebraska, were not excited about a public option, but ultimately, Joe Lieberman was its death knell. He bragged openly about killing it and the Medicare buy-in option, which he had previously said he supported. Obama relented, as did Reid, because it was either accept a bill without it, or accept no bill. Lieberman was going to caucus with the Republicans if they didn’t.

Now, some think the Democrats should’ve killed the filibuster to pass the ACA with the public option. That’s the argument president Trump is making now. Of course, that’d mean gutting Medicaid to advance tax cuts for people like himself currently. It’s a legitimate argument, but it would also have consequences that would be dramatic. In 2010, Democrats weren’t prepared to do something that outside the norms of our governing traditions.


And now the insurance industry has an army of paid mouthpieces that constantly remind us that we shouldn’t even try for single payer because it’s a waste of time and energy. This, even though the entire rest of the industrialized world enjoys the benefits of an efficient universal system.


President Obama did not fight for the public option. He was too busy deluding himself about winning over a few Republicans to bother.

In fact, he didn’t understand fighting for anything until it was too late.


Agree that he took his bipartisan reach-out way too seriously. At the same time, there was not a lot he could do about the 2009 summer Baucus spent holding hands with Chuck Grassley, only to see Grassley yank his away, or a media that made him responsible for Republican’s outlandish phony cooperation.

The thing is, even with those criticisms, excuses, whatnot, there wasn’t anything Reid or Obama could do about the weasel that was Joe Lieberman. Reid thought he had a Medicare buy-in agreement only to have that jerk pull out last minute then brag openly about what he did. Lieberman was proud of it. The day he announced his retirement was a wonderful one.