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Health Workers Sue Trump Labor Secretary, OSHA Over 'Unconscionable Delay' of Protections Against Infectious Diseases

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/29/health-workers-sue-trump-labor-secretary-osha-over-unconscionable-delay-protections


Well, surprise, surprise, surprise. You are on your own if you are unemployed, uninsured, in poverty, need government help during a pandemic, want to save the environment, leave some oil in the ground, save some trees and wilderness waters, want clean air or drinking water, don’t want even more pipelines, etc, or have good standing among other countries.
The whole realm of corruption and legal profiteering is something else.
What a country, while under right-wing rule.
And I do keep in mind that there is a right-wing component to the democrats as well.


If Healthcare workers were part of a force invading and taking over a foreign country, they’d had plenty of protective equipment and supplies.


We could end up with herd immunity if this pandemic lasts long enough.
Our right-wing friends who support herd immunity remind me of early warfare, like our Revolutionary War. In both that war and herd immunity there are the front line sacrificers. The marching soldiers in the front line take a huge percentage of casualties, just as trump rally attendees and trumpites across the country.
Pretty stupid tactics imo.


Hi Gandolf:
I don’t know if herd immunity wi ever happen as this virus seems to be constantly morphing , and even after having it—some people have gotten it again—but a worse version! : (


Hmmm, 2009, 2009 - wasn’t that during the Obama admin.? I read somewhere that the H1N1 flu left the national stockpile of stuff like that pretty bare … so why wasn’t it replaced in the next 7 years? Tch,tch,tch - Let’s face it, neither Ds nor Rs really give a damn -

Of wait, maybe it was the Russians …

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Front line workers are continuing to help people and getting infected and dying while our “Buffoon in Chief” gets at least half a million dollars worth of taxpayer financed medical care that is probably not available to those of us that paid for it. (A waste of good drugs)

There must be a better way! VOTE!!!

Nice analogy there gandolf.

Trump, the GOP, neoliberals of all stripes -

the only thing they truly understand is money jingling in their pockets - a type of curse - which causes massive collateral damage.

Well - only a few more days and we’ll know just how bad.

It is good to hear that some are aware of the characteristics of this little RNA that is in charge at this present time

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A couple of cheap shots friend.

Of course they care little of collateral damage. We see it with the virus, and all economic levels. His whole capital cadre are vultures of one stripe or another.

Oh, and thanks for the cudos.

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“The Strategic National Stockpile’s role is to supplement state and local medical supplies and equipment during public health emergencies. The supplies, medicines, and devices for lifesaving care contained in the stockpile can be used as a short-term, stopgap buffer when the immediate supply of these materials may not be available or sufficient.”

Actually it is a really interesting story what happened as terms of public health emergencies are transferred from one administration to another. The documentary, “Under Total Control” gives a very good account.