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Healthcare for Everyone and It Will Cost Less: The Economic Case for Medicare for All

My thoughts exactly, Leisuredude. Quick math for average family with $75K income would save us over $10K EVERY YEAR! What a huge stimulus to the overall economy THAT would be, as most folks like us would spend 90%+ of that extra spending money! That’s the point that Bernie hasn’t made explicit when he says you’ll save more in premiums, deductibles, and copays than your increased taxes, which scares some people. Just tell them everyone but the super rich gets a 14% permanent RAISE and MFA sells itself.

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Exactly. And as for who assumes the risk, that is ONE of the many reasons the call–if not from the beginning certainly as the subject has been more widely discussed in recent years–has been for EXPANDED and IMPROVED Medicare for all: For the system to work at all the risk must fall on the insurer, who in turn must have some transparent leverage over the actual providers. I have not yet read the bill (has it even been posted?), but if it merely transfers the risk to the providers that must be fixed.