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'Healthcare is a Right': Bernie Sanders Finds Common Ground in Trump Country

'Healthcare is a Right': Bernie Sanders Finds Common Ground in Trump Country

Nika Knight, staff writer

In a town hall in rural McDowell County, West Virginia, on Sunday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) told a crowd filled with supporters of President Donald Trump that "healthcare is a right"—and was met with cheers.

The town hall was broadcast Monday on MSNBC's "All In With Chris Hayes," and featured discussion on a range of topics: jobs, infrastructure, healthcare, and the opioid crisis, among others.


Looks like Sanders handled this well. Coal miners aren’t wanting to just mine coal. They want jobs. By showing them, that change can be good for them and provide jobs to replace coal mining jobs, I’m sure it helps to gain their support or at least cease resisting. I’m sure a lot of those coal miners would love to leave the mine for good if they had a better job to look forward to. No doubt, these coal miners have been fed a bunch of anti-environmental propoganda from right wing think tanks and those right wing think tanks aren’t about to suggest to the coal miners that they could gain replacement jobs in the sustainable energy industry. Right wing think tanks wouldn’t want coal miners to realize that now would they? Good for Sanders for showing these coalminers the light.


Senator Sanders is a mensch! Thanks for President Trump, Democratic establishment.


Attention DNC: Aren’t you glad you kneecapped Bernie in the primaries, nominated the weakest possible Candidate and BLEW THE ELECTION? Well, you got what you wanted: you’d rather lose to a Republinazi than win with a candidate whose - uh - “class war rhetoric” resonated across the country (I’m sure these coalminers aren’t alone). You proved your loyalty to your big-money donors whose wealth and priviledge Bernie threatened, over the interests of the people of the country. You must be so proud. (Rachel et al, I’m talking to YOU)


GREAT move Bernie! Everyone needs to be included and not dismissed. Great how you point out that while coal needs to go jobs can and will be created in infrastructure and renewables so that the need of jobs does not require we dismiss the need to care for our home planet. Also, very good that you pointed out the opiod epidemic as so many are loosing their lives to it due to pain and despair. I only wish the Democrats deserved you. For my part, I’ll keep pushing Senator Patrick Leahy to do the right thing and become a co-sponsor of your single-payer bill as soon as you introduce it. Libraries here in Vermont are responding nicely to hosting single-payer events. Try to come to any one of them.


One good thing about Bernie being thrown under the proverbial, bus by the corruption of the democratic party and their corruption enabling Trump to become POTUS, is if anyone had any hope about reforming the democratic party that hope is history.

Even though I supported Bernie I knew it was a lost cause because like I posted many times, no matter how much support Bernie gets, it is irrelevant, because the corrupt DNC has already selected HRC. But I was hoping I was wrong!


That’s what I admire most about Bernie. He has an ability to find common ground with these people and hears them out, and then finds that common ground with appeases them.


Bernie and Chris Hayes could fill any venue across America with a Town Hall like last nights.

And I would watch every single one and cheer as I did last night.

Bernie’s Achilles Heel is the Democratic Party Establishment. People of all classes can see the inherent corrupt nature of the Democratic Party and will never forget what they did to Bernie and the entire country by elevating the Orange Ahole.

Last night the people of McDowell County West Virginia saw first hand the man who deserved to be our 45th President, and I am sure if the election were taken today, Bernie and Jane would be the new residents of the White House.

‘Healthcare is a right’ is only one of the points Bernie Sanders campaigned on which convinced me he was the one to lead America out of an age of Corporate Corruption within our political system.

Once Trump and his band of thieves are ejected, we must never again allow the Halls of Congress or our White House to be taken over by those who value ‘Money and Human Suffering’ more than ‘People, our Planet, and Peace.’


" Bernie’s Achilles Heel is the Democratic Party Establishment."



Yes, I agree that Bernie is an upright person, too bad he will probably be too old to run in 2020.


I watched with interest last night as the good folks at the town meeting discussed the opioid crisis.

My advice to President Trump: Instead of building a wall on the Mexican border, you might consider building a wall around the pharmaceutical industry,


Trump knows that Murkins hooked on opioids and other drugs were a big source of votes for him. Trump will keep talking about reducing opioid consumption while doing everything to keep it growing so he and the rest of the GOP get more votes.

Give me a damn break, you could make the same argument in regards to education, which is a series of services and products provided by others. You could make the same argument in regards to the fire department, clean air and water too. You could make the argument in regards to national defense, among countless other things. I think health care is a right, I think education is a right too. I also don’t assume that government will deliver that service, but the data shows that the private market, and insurance companies, are inefficient, wasteful and do a poor job relative to the government when it comes to delivering that service. So, it makes more economic sense to have a single payer funded by tax dollars than it does to have many payers funded out of pocket. We would pay more in taxes, but the overwhelming majority would see that more than offset by a reduction in private expenditures and it would be comprehensive. However, Hayek was so amazing, so maybe none of that matters after the working stiffs read The Road to Serfdom.


You beat me to it. I would only add this sentence from the linked to article: “Medical care stems not from human nature but from outside of it.” In which case no government service, several of which you list, should be provided at all. .

For me, the Single Payer argument is not about the big ‘R’ Rights of being human, but the small ‘r’ rights of taxpayers to have the right to say how our taxes are used–a new aircraft carrier or medicare for all? Bombing villagers or tuition free college?

I think of healthcare as a primary need, not a secondary need (like cellphones?) and it is at the top of my list of how our tax dollars should be spent, just a half step above education.


There already is a Single Payer bill with 60 co-sponsers ready to go. So the question is, why doesn’t Bernie stop supporting the dreadful Obamacare and add his name as a co-sponser of said bill and get the dialogue going?

Sanders is to be admired for this effort, but one should not read too much into it - the audience/participants were probably self-selecting to a considerable extent - and tended to represent the more progressive minded people in the area rather than the more dominant viewpoints of the WV population.

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Bernie is in the Senate. The bill you refer to is in the House. There is zero chance of this bill even getting considered in the Republican-majority committee, much less to the floor - where every Republican would vote against it. What is it about the Democrats being the minority party in a congress ruled by a very reactionary majority party don’t you understand? Please learn something about how the US Congress works.


Healthcare is a right recognized by almost all the nations of the world and is contained in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Only the vile USA - a pariah state that adheres to this extremist, psychopathic notion of “economic freedom” that is elsewhere only found among criminal gangsters, can your argument be presented with a straight face.


Well keep in mind that Bernie sponsors lots of bills that he knows will not pass (such as the bill to expand Social Security that he is sponsoring this year). This is important because it puts progressive alternatives before the public eye and helps to frame the debate - otherwise you end up working on compromises between bad and worse instead of between good and worse than bad. I am confident that he is working to put something forward this year too - but it may take the form of major amendments to the Republican disaster of a bill or a state-oriented single payer bill - or a bill along the lines of the Democrats platform.

Being in the minority doesn’t mean you don’t make proposals - and I will be interested to see what he proposes.


Reread the preamble to the Constitution.