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Healthcare Workers Are At War, But Trump Isn’t on Our Side

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/25/healthcare-workers-are-war-trump-isnt-our-side


Four decades of Goebbelian propaganda in the US has demonized the S word while creating a C word cult that Trump has proven to be an even better cult leader of than Reagan was.

Trump’s cult will continue to follow him into flames and over cliffs with zeal while faux noose will continue to glorify Trump’s every action.

Kudos to Doctor Pappas for providing a reality check. The rest of us also need to provide as many reality checks as we can through whatever media we can.


" U.S. declined to use an approved WHO test which the rest of the world had already been using as it wanted a U.S. firm to benefit from the contract"

That is blatant lie. Te WHO did not have pallets of tests in a C130 sitting on the tarmac at some airport ready to be shipped. They had a procedure on how to build the test.
The US chose to use a CDC developed test.
Not sure who profits from this but prolly the same company hat would have made the WHO base kits is making the CDC based kits.

The “US declined WHO tests” story has been debunked a long time ago. Looks like some authors are still peddling it.

Our economic system can serve our needs

Or serve their greed.

The choice should be obvious. That it can be obfuscated is a testament to the virulency of “manufacturing consent”

And to humanity’s lack of immunity to such a vile virus.


The feeling I’m getting is right from George Lakoff’s Moral Politics. Only the worthy, meaning the rich, deserve health care. Therefore, the only health care workers who will get needed protection will be those who serve the worthy ones. The ones who help the immoral ones, the poor, the disabled, the Elderly…well, let them make face masks from old bedsheets or else come to the rich side.
I have great respect and feelings of honor for Doctors without Borders, who routinely go to places even angels fear to tread to help the poorest of the poor, without expectation of reward. That is a true mitzvah, performed by true mensches.
When this mess finally shakes out( and I suspect it will take years), I think the entire celebrity culture will be very, very dead, rather like the legs in Ozymandias. I think we will re-connect with All Our Relations and with the Earth. No more Mars mission as we work to heal our Home.


Dr. Pappas, you raise many excellent points, but when you venture into the realm of economics you open up a whole new can of Lumbricina. Now we must delve into all of the externalities and inefficiencies which hold back Progress in the human decision-making process termed economics. Rather than lecture, to which I am often inclined (ask around), I’ll just say welcome aboard. We can use your expertise and enthusiasm. Our enemies are legion, cunning, and often camouflaged. The current crisis is but a symptom of a much larger criminal neglect that funnels the fruits of labor to the few. It’s time to level the playing field.

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The US is an Empire in decline.

We are on our way out


Mr. trump: “One hell-of-a job there Brownie.”

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Healthcare workers like myself who have direct patient contact and pose a high risk of infecting others face difficulties getting tested. Let that sink in.

We should meditate on that with deep breathing exercises to really let that one sink. I dropped it a long time ago now, and I’m still waiting for the plop at the bottom of the vacancy, the vaccuous depravity, the rotted-out cavity of USA. How could we be so stupid? Breathe in. The question answers itself. Breathe out. We are exceptional. Breathe in. We’re number one. Breathe out. We’re in deep number two.

Oh, and remember all those sub-minimum wage (not infrequently tangled in a status nightmare resembling human trafficking) eldercare workers – pulling shifts at two or three facilities and maybe a homecare shift on the side to make ends meet? I have met people like this. As hard as their lives are, the last thing they’d ever want to do is go to work sick, to expose the people they care for to mortal risk. So many, virtually all of them have been vainly begging to be tested – so they can know whether they’re carriers.

Can someone call up the CDC and let them know asymptomatic people can be carriers? Has the CDC decided to just write off all the old folks (and prisoners, and concentration-camp migrants)?

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“The U.S. has had months to prepare for this pandemic. From the outset, there should have been a mass mobilization of mask production, ventilation production, and PPE (protective personal equipment, e.g., masks, gowns, gloves, face shields, etc.) production.”

Let that sink in !

Dr. Mike Pappas recipe for a efficient, healthful healthcare system needs to be constructed and copied as an example for our governance. Changes from the bottom up and across the entire nation are required. Without structural changes we are just whistling in the wind.

In case you missed it: in appreciate of health care workers video.