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Hearing the Russian Perspective


Hearing the Russian Perspective

Gilbert Doctorow

Without mincing words, the new Russian documentary World Order is a devastating critique of U.S. global hegemony justified in the name of “democracy promotion” and “human rights” ever since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1992.

It is directly in line with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s first repudiation of the American unipolar world issued in his speech to the Munich Security Conference in February 2007 and his further, ever more explicit exposés in a succession of speeches that challenged specific manifestations of “American exceptionalism.”


Well, the world will have plenty of time to get used to working with Mr. Putin. He is relatively young and will not give up power until they carry him away in a box.


The documentary sounds important. Recognizing American hegemony and world aggression as destabilizing is very significant. And although Putin is no angel, Russia, just like the U.S., has the right (according to American thinking) to defend its national interests. Dialing down American rhetoric and aggression is crucial. Refuse to participate in or support American aggression that creates wars based on lies and $$$. American exceptionalism and manifest destiny are a cancer that can be cured.


Russia has seen the chaos caused by US meddling in Chechnya and other locales in Eurasia. Of course, it was meddling in Afghanistan that help bring about the fall of the Soviet Union. Putin is no Gorbachev, but the times are quite different and both men served their people and the world as well as seemingly possible (at least up to this point for Putin). The insouciant American public needs to be reminded of the horrific potential of global nuclear war. If World Order can serve that role, let's get it translated and distributed, preferably with a progressive introduction as to the importance of its content. If the M$M were to present it, it would be used as evidence of the Bear rattling its swords. Russia's Eurasian neighbor, China, will no doubt be saying "May you live in interesting times."


If you go into comments there a list of this talk that has been translated.

Hearing the Russian Perspective


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Here is a link to "World Order" with english sub titiles


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There is a genuine "Yin and Yang" to things that is often fascinating. As U.S. media outlets simulate the most disciplined of uniform propaganda operations, there's this from Russia:

"It’s worth noting that the film’s director and co-author is one of the most intelligent and fair-minded presenters on Russian television, Vladimir Soloviev, who is best known today for prime-time evening debates on hot domestic and international issues in which the “other side,” whether Ukrainian or American or the Russian opposition parties in the Duma, is always present in what amounts at times to astonishing openness of discussion on live television, when it does not descend into shouting matches."

Also, inasmuch as the archetype of Mars endures in the form of wars, warriors, and those that promote the path of barbarian dominance; the cosmic counterpart Venus governs the sign Libra: Mars' ruled Aries' complement (or antithesis).

It just so happens that John Dean (who exposed the politically catastrophic implications of a Christian Right), Jimmy Carter (who came to recognize the inanity of war), and Vladimir Putin are all Libras.

Libra prefers peace, negotiation, and skillful diplomacy to all-out War.

The world is fortunate to have one as sane as Putin acting as counterbalance to the unleashed Mars personified as the M.I.C.

Like the town's local muscular bully, this entity (the M.I.C.) LOOKS for vulnerable entities upon whom to show off its power, prowess, and arrogant sense of omnipotence.

Paul Craig Roberts is on record stating that an insider friend of his explained that John Kerry backed down on the use of more rabid force against Syria after learning something about Russia's current military apparatus. Apparently, the Russians have a system that can block out ALL communication within U.S. military entities. In other words, it disables systems commands.

True or otherwise, Russia is now led by an individual who is an ENLIGHTENED warrior: that is, one who recognizes that the benefits of peace far outweigh the catastrophic costs of war.

Sane people pray that the proponents of peace (or at least détente) out-maneuver those who WANT Armageddon.


Regardless of the authoritarian (a/k/a Inverted Totalitarian) nature of our times, and endless evidence in support of that allegation... YOU still revert to a frame that pretends that the American People are in the driver's seat.

The U.S. Military Industrial complex, the banking cartel, and a set of corporate overlords--the ones that control medicine, media, food, energy, and distribution of these things--RUN the show.

AFTER they decide things--like what the Obama give-away to Big Insurance (disguised as health "care") will mean, or after the TPP and TIPP are signed into law, or after more printed money is handed to the big banks (marketed as "a recovery"), or AFTER the planned wars are initiated--they run the propaganda campaigns that convince a PORTION of citizens that it is THEIR will being put into play.

As if.

You shill for the Power Structure.


Just wondering:

Have you read "The Nazis Next Door" (based on the covert importation of Nazi top brass after W.W. II) into U.S. armed forces; or "The Devil's Chessboard" based on all of the nefarious activities executed by the odious Allen (and his brother) Dulles?

I just finished a controversial book--"The Pink Swaztika." It's controversial because its authors are hard line religious conservatives. And while I depart drastically from that political/social persuasion, I found the book to be very useful in terms of much of its documented research.

Its thesis--and this falls into alignment with the crux of Leon Uris' novel about Nazi Germany ("Armageddon")--was that German soldiers obsessed with a MALE super hero/male supremacist view that was built upon a largely homosexual military order. Almost all of Hitler's top echelon were homosexuals.

The book explains that the typical historical narrative stating that Hitler and the Nazis went after homosexuals is mostly veneer. That these super males who believed the highest "love" was that of the mature soldier and his younger male consort/trainee... exalted a very butch version of masculinity and homosexuality. They detested the feminine gays.

In any case, the emphasis on war, soldiering, the male super-hero is hardly reserved to any one culture; and it was, after all, certain elements within the U.S. military that FELT affinity for the Nazi brutes and masterminds invited into the ranks.

After 7 decades, that element has rooted itself and grown. Its interest is killing for its own sake and spreading the dominant force of The Boot through savage acts. In essence, it likes to show its muscle...

That would explain all the careless killing in so many nations... and the alliances now forming between Ukraine's Nazis and those who became fixtures within the U.S. State Department, Deep State, and actual military forces.

The situation is scary, ominous, and less than sane. And much of it is hidden by a Christian cover.

I am now half-way through Barry Lynn's book, "God and Government." And while he makes excellent and elaborate cases for sustaining the wall between church and state and where it's being torn down... so far, he treads lightly on the DEGREE to which this Christian veneer has been used in the Air Force to convince young drone "pilots" that releasing ordnance on wedding parties (the kill ratio as most recognize is about 10:1 with 10 being civilians and 1 representing designated-enemy targets) is "God's" will.

Dulles hated the Russians and brought his paranoid delusions to the State Department decades ago.

However, since the entire M.I.C. could not exist--and certainly not to the extent it's now financed--were it not for a believable enemy, Russia has always been granted that title. The War on Terror is icing on the toxic cake.


Why extreme left is so in love with dictators? Especially the Russian kind! Pretty much every dictator will be handed by a mob , the same will happen to Putin . He has no choice but to make his regime more brutal and this will cause even more brutality from the people.


You noticed it too? I am not excusing our government's typically heavy handed incompetent handing of foreign policy and military situations (we are hampered by anti-scientific mentalities that function as if on stage like actors waiting for applause rather than intelligent and reasoning leaders) but people seem to be in love with Putin here. I am asking why. I think of him as a fossil fuel proponent in chief and a tough one to get to change too since Russia is dependent of fossil fuel exports.

However ... since when did a former Lt. Colonel in the KGB and then president/prime minister/president/ prime minister (it goes on back and forth) and outright antidemocratic appointer of his own successor and current holder of the leadership (what exactly is Putin's current title? President Plus?) of the Russian State... become such a perfect person?

I think that he is very intelligent (I wish our republicans/dems were equally so) and very capable but a candidate for political sainthood ... um... not so much!

Putin is a quasi dictator so why doesn't that count against him dear progressive people? Sheesh!

It isn't like Putin wasn't in high places all these years and Putin annexed the Crimea. Is annexing okay now?

Putin is a fossil fuel advocate like Saudi Arabia is and is exploring oil platforms in the Arctic with the help of BP and Exxon.

Why is Putin so great?

Putin is a modern variant of the strongman. He occupies a place of power but does not seek to accumulate the wealth of a throne not to micromanage like a true dictator. His appearance is that of a holder of a political office (although he rules nonetheless) and not overtly as a dictator.

That shows just how intelligent a man he is. The fate of dictators is thereby avoided. He remains a popular nationalist strong man leader... not an unpopular dictator using muscle to retain control.


In this regard, the following recent interview with Paul Craig Roberts (Ph.D economics; 25-30 years in the Federal Govt; former Asst Secretary of the U.S. Treasury; WSJ Editor, etc) is very pertinent, as well as is a recent CounterPunch article by Pepe Escobar:

Since I'm a new CommonDreams poster, I'm not allowed to post links - so you'll have to locate the following:

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Everything is Disintegrating
Link is currently on the front page of thedailycoin .org (take out the space :slightly_smiling: - interview starts at time 6:47)

You Want War? Russia is Ready for War
Go to counterpunch .org (again, take out the space) and search on the above title.

Apparently, Russia may be more militarily advanced than the USA. Roberts suggests that the U.S. MIC is actually run for the benefit of the weapons manufacturers, where cost overruns and shoddy weapons systems have become the norm. Both Roberts and Escobar talk about Russia's SS-18, which flies at 16,000 mph and has 17,000 times the power of a Hiroshima bomb. Once an SS-18 is airborne, the US has nothing to stop it. An single SS-18 strike on D.C. would take out everything from Boston to Atlanta. A single strike to the center of the State of New York would vaporize the entire State.

Furthermore, the SS-18 may be only the tip of Russia's advanced arsenal. Russia may also have the capability of knocking out all of our weapons systems communications, be they satellites, aircraft, or land/sea based systems.

Roberts believes that Putin will put up with the machinations of the warmongering U.S. neocons (who control the U.S. Government - oh, you thought that was Obama's job?) for only so long; and, if Putin believes Russia is too close to being attacked by the U.S., he will simply take us out.

These are sobering thoughts.


The SS-18 was an ICBM. Thanks to START II, it was removed from the Soviet arsenal. And no such bombs were ever made. http://fas.org/nuke/guide/russia/icbm/r-36m.htm
And see http://fas.org/news/russia/1994/jpusp007_94006.htm


"The neocons and liberal hawks who dominate the U.S. foreign policy and media establishment are pushing the world toward a nuclear showdown with Russia as few people hear a comprehensive response from the other side, an imbalance that a new Russian documentary addresses"

Please discard the "liberal Hawks" misnomer and refer to these regressives by their proper name, "neoliberals". Liberals are demonized enough as it is.


Thanks for the links. I see that the second linked article was published in 1994; whereas, the first linked article was last updated in 2000.

Do you have anything more recent that indicates that all of the silo conversions demanded by Start II were completed?

The reason I ask is that in the 2000 article are the statements, "The only deployed versions of the SS-18 are the R-36M UTTh and R-36M2. In 1997 there were 186 deployed launchers for of these missiles in Russia...After complying with the START II silo conversion protocol, the Russian Rocket Forces will be permitted to replace 90 of the SS-18s with a smaller, single-warhead missile. The protocol requires Russia to place a 2.9-meter restrictive ring near the top of the retained SS-18 silos and to fill the bottom five meters of the silos with concrete. These measures make the silos too small to hold an SS-18."

So, apparently, as of 2000, there were still 186 SS-18 launchers.

Since then, haven't all such treaties been effectively scrapped, given that the U.S. elected to provoke Russia by moving facilities to Russia's borders?


I am not sure that he is but in the context of bringing the world back from the insane neocon view of never-ending war and whatever it takes to remain the world's hegemon, he looks to be the only one who can do that, which I thought was the point of the article.

That Putin is our current saviour, in this context only, and has dirty hands and feet might not be the most useful focus if stopping nuclear holocaust is your goal. In another and different discussion, those dirty hands and feet would be a much more meaningful focus and worthy of criticism if it failed to do so, IMHO.


My understanding is that one is on the economic side, neoliberal, and the other on the political side, neocon. You are right in thinking they go hand in glove in working the world into their hugely distorted image. That the two become fused and confused reminds me of when I was much younger when 'democracy' and 'capitalism' were always used interchangeably, same for 'communist' and 'dictatorship.' Whether this was done intentionally or from a lack of clear thinking, I can only speculate. To be sure, tt doesn't hurt in the brainwashing department to conflate ideas that can later be delinked to TPTB's benefit.


Although I thought this was a very interesting and informative article, I had a serious, WTF moment at one point:
". . .waging war without the sanction of the UN Security Council, starting with the NATO attack on Serbia in 1999. . ."
Perhaps Doctorow has a particular definition of 'waging war' that is different than mine but I'd say there was plenty of 'waging war' that fell outside "the sanction of the UNSC," for example, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos under attack or invaded by the US, Panama and Grenada, just to mention a few that occurred prior to 1999. Is it possible that only European conflicts are recognized by the author?