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'Heart-Breaking' Ruling Could Shutter Nearly All Abortion Clinics In Texas


'Heart-Breaking' Ruling Could Shutter Nearly All Abortion Clinics In Texas

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

In the state-by-state war on reproductive rights, one of the biggest battlegrounds—Texas—was hit with a crushing court ruling on Tuesday that upholds the harshest measures of a 2013 anti-choice law and, if implemented, could shutter almost all abortion facilities in the state.


I think it is time for the women of Texas and elsewhere to use the tactics employed in Lysistratahttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lysistrata


Yes, all we need is another 6 billion people on this finite planet. Nothing does a child better than to not be wanted, loved and cared for. I really think that this antiabortion way of thinking is simply about cheep labor for the 1%.


The issue isn’t the morality of abortion, it’s the immorality of imposing one’s particular perspective on your fellow citizens who disagree. The 14th Amendment stipulates that states can’t take away rights granted by the Federal government.


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Good comeback! You included facts and common sense to make your point. Bravo!!


Just think, REALLY think about the demographics of Texas and then come to the stark and terrifying realization that those women who are, have been, and will be harmed by this draconian measure (based on nothing but Bible Belt BS) are predominantly poor (white, black, Hispanic combined). Unwanted, unplanned pregnancies cost the state a heckuva lot more for a lifetime (in many cases) than allowing a WOMAN TO EXERCISE HER RIGHT TO CHOOSE! The GWB legacy continues to wreak havoc and do harm to the most vulnerable among us. The 5th Circuit Court is laughable with so many of its bizarre and destructive rulings and its members reflect a biased, narrow-minded approach to jurisprudence. Sure don’t see those pro-life advocates offering to help the mothers they deprive of their right to choose to raise, feed, clothe, house, babysit, educate the children.


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But fetus is not a person, When does it acquire personhood? When it is born.


Is there a bomb in Gilead?


That is the crucial question, when does life begin? Protecting human life is the pro-life desire to end legalized abortion, not to “wage a war on women”.
So, 4 months, not a person??
When it is born??
Why not viability (about 20 weeks), when it is capable of surviving outside the womb?
Why not when the fetus can feel pain (8 weeks)?
Why not when brain waves can be measured (6 weeks)?
Why not when the child’s heartbeat can be detected (3-4 weeks)?
Why not conception, when two cells combine to become a person with an unique set of DNA?


Here’s hoping for a rash of burst condoms in Texas.


I appreciate your openmindedness.
Infanticide, fetal resorption and suchlike are common in nature.
Life is brutal and the reality of life and nature is abhorent to most particularly those who have been sheltered by religious ideologies. No form of contraception is 100%, including vasectomies and hysterectomies. That’s why abortion must always be an option. People can try their darndest to avoid a pregnancy but still have their efforts fail and in those cases its not god saying “thou shalt conceive this time.” No, that’s not whats going on…


If these pro-lifers want to ban abortion in any way they can,then lets balance this. Let’s also place bans on all medical procedures and medicines meant to enhance fertility and help women to get pregnant. If there’s to be bans on aborting pregnancies, then there should be bans on helping to start pregnancies. Fair is fair!


And stop prescribing Viagra for men with ED problems.


Damn, straight! Limp dicked white boys need to understand it god’s way of saying “thou shalt not reproduce!”