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Heartbreak and Outrage as Minorities Recount "Day 1 in Trump's America"


Heartbreak and Outrage as Minorities Recount "Day 1 in Trump's America"

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In the mere hours since Donald Trump emerged as the surprising victor of the presidential election, there has been an observed uptick in reports of abuse, hate speech, and assault against Muslims, people of color, immigrants, Latinos, and the LGBTQ community, pointing to—as The Verge's Sean O'Kane put it—some "really dark days ahead" for minorities living in "Trump's America."


This sickens me to death!!! I wish we could recall the whole bad election! This is like the most maddening thing I've ever witnessed in my life. A 'president-select' giving people a license and encouragement to engage in hate?!!!


OMG. Yesterday morning, I told another poster here: "We're all scared."

He said, "I'm not scared, I'm angry."

I said, "If you're not scared, you scare me. I'm feeling the fear of all the people who are on the immediate front lines of the violence this 'victory' immediately empowers."

And here is the confirmation. Oh my brothers and sisters, especially you little people, my heart weeps for you. Please may all the spirits protect you.

To all who denied that this monster was always here, raping and pillaging and hungering for more, we who were always its victims need your remorse. More than that, we need your awakening to the horror that we have long been living. We need you to join with us in making it stop.



During his acceptance speech, Trump's one-sentence call for unity was not even close to enough to get the People together- he better get on that mainstream TV (which loves him so much) and do some real talking about unity- and make it exceedingly clear that in order for that to happen, hate crimes of all types- and for all ages- are to stop NOW.
Then, he better walk that talk.


The Third Reich has already unleashed its brown shirts. We need a counterforce and quick!

Here in Vermont a caravan will be going to North Dakota, you can help:


It very important to keep this in mind. If in a single day children and youth start making racist slurs towards other groups then it means the society has not come very far and that under current of racism still there.

It should not be the social pressures of what is found acceptable speech that keeps this crap in check. Such thoughts should not occur to people.

Trump is a racist but so too is a person who thinks these same thoughts but does not speak them because of what is considered socially acceptable.


The racism has always been here and is clearly visible to any who lived through the 60's. Right down to unspoken winks and nods.

We are going to have restake our claim to those hard won achievements of that era.

It has all been brought to the face and it is incumbent upon all of us to stand together.

Deja vu all over again and we know what path we must take


Just wondering if Dear Misleader (whom Jones reveres, even after throwing him under the bus) brought this vile viciousness to A Donald's attention when they met today.

Whaddaya think ... ?


Go back to the very beginning of the campaign, back to the Republican primaries, and you'll find that one of the things that people liked about Trump was that he blew the lid off of all that "PC crap."

There's an article here at CD today in which the writers talks about Trump voters saying that Trump says what they're thinking.

All of this was there for all of us to see well before election night.


How is emboldening racists and giving them a leader in the White House a "good thing?"


Because it forces the hand of resistance, of protection, of compassion.

It becomes incumbent upon those of conviction to act, lest ones spirit be....
I like the term 'Indignados' for everything else it implies.

It is an affront to Human Dignity and we must hold the line.

Martin, John, Malcom, Medger Evers, Fred Hampton, good god they filled that room full ol lead in a police ambush, the list of those that paved the road with the highest tribute deserve no less from those of us who bore witness.

This is our time again to speak truth to power


Not materail to what was said. That children are already resorting to such tactics shows that racist behaviour has already been taught to them. It not something they learned in one day.


Ah, Ignorance must be confronted, nobody's gonna do it for you. Quit the whining and man up to it.


Immaterial? Empowering racists is immaterial to what you said? That's not really true, not when you talk about social convention, and you did. Yes, social convention keeps us from acting on our worst impulses and it also keeps bigots from being jerks to people. That's a good thing. Who didn't know that the USA is a racist country? We should have all known that. I talked about empowering thses people before, so did @Lrx, but no one wanted to hear it. Now this is happening and it's not okay, no matter what you say.

We are not the Thought Police, but we do, and we should, police each other's behavior. Trump's election has dispensed with the notion of having to feel shame when doing something shameful. That's a problem. It's a shame you don't see it that way.


Trump's election has dispensed with the notion of having to feel shame when doing something shameful. That's a problem. It's a shame you don't see it that way.

Really? This happened under Trump and no President before?

Where was the shame of Ms Hilary Clinton when she cackled over the death of Qaddafi and for that matter supported the invasion of Libya which has lead to the deaths of tens of thousands Where is her shame when she spoke to Henry Kissinger and madeline Alright as being heroes of hers?

Where is the shame of GW Bush and Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld and , war criminals all and none of them charged with crimes when they lied the nation into war because Barack Obama wanted to look forward and not back?

Where is the shame of all those bankers who received trillions of dollars in monies from the taxpayers and whom receive slaps on the wrists in the way of fines smaller then the profits made through corruption graft and fraud?

Where is the shame of the Politicans lining up to get money from the Corporations to pad their own nests as the poverty in the nation increases? Where is the same of the peoples that supplied the peoples of Flint Michigan with lead contiminated water because it would save a few bucks? Where is the shame of the Corporate hired thugs that beat up and fire tear gas on a group of the most marginalized peoples in the USA because those people DARE to try and protect their water in South dakota?

Where is the shame of having 2.3 million peoples in Prison 1/4 of the entire worlds prison population? Is it somehow less shameful to lock black people and poor people up because they are bloack and poor as long as you do not call them racist names?

Do you think Blankfein feels shame? Do you think Cheney feels shame?

When it comes to "feeling shame" Hilary and trump are cut from the same cloth. They can feel none.


Turns out the gal in Louisiana fabricated her hijab incident.


Please don't start ccalling it "Trump's America". FUCK the DRUMPH in chief, I'm sorry, it AIN'T HIS, it's OUR'S and don't even suggest that the "Commons" belong to anyone except ALL OF US, although to the purveyors of hate who condone this Rat's Ass rise to the top of the political pile of shit, I say 'blow it out your ass'.


Racism-denialism - which includes racist-crime denialism, is the highest form of racism.


Please go away, Canuck. You don't live here and you don't have to live with the fascist Trump.


Wow. WOW.

You take an article about people, mostly students, feeling emboldened by Trump's victory to be nasty, and downright criminal, to other people and twist it around to talk about something else entirely.

Not only that, but your pont seems to be that because other people have done bad things, this is excusable somehow. It's hard to say, really, because your post doesn't really make a lot of sense to me.

You were one of those "Never Hillary" people, weren't you? Congratulations. You got what you wanted.