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Heartbreaking, Inhumane, and Illegal: ICE Targets Woman with Brain Tumor


Heartbreaking, Inhumane, and Illegal: ICE Targets Woman with Brain Tumor

The latest of the "really bad dudes" rounded up for deportation by Herr Trump's "military operation" is a 26-year-old Salvadoran mother of two who had been transferred from detention to a hospital for what doctors said was a brain tumor; she was awaiting emergency surgery when ICE agents forcibly removed her, bound her hands and ankles, and returned her to detention, where she has been banned from contact with her family or counsel. Charles Blow: We are seeing "the death of compassion."


What hollow men rule this nation! This reminds me of the story of Billy Holiday. http://greatentertainersarchives.blogspot.com/2012/03/gone-too-soon-blogathon-billie-holiday.html


I.C.E. The return of the gestapo gray and jack booted thugs. Fascism can't be defeated with reason and logic. Fascism is especially attractive to white anglos. It seems to be part of our DNA. I'm eighty years old and have a vague memory of what it looks like and remember some of the horror stories my uncles and family friends would tell of the second world war. What will our trial of crimes against humanity be called, and where will it be held?:confused:


Thank you Abby Zimet. When I read this:

It paralyzed my mind momentarily just putting myself in her shoes for 2 seconds--which was enough time for me to jump back out of them; if the arrest, under those conditions is not considered torture, then WTF does it take to be so classified?

This is really Shakespearean tragedy level torture; all of your worst nightmares rolled into one passing reality and you have lost all control over your own body and possibly your mind and for now your life.

And this is both psychological and physical torture. Just what a person in her condition needs, someone to come inflame her body and mind and strike at the very core of her existence. A good boot to help her along the way to Death's Doorstep.

My god ---what can we do?, actually expect our law enforcement to value her life over their need for spotless resumes?


This is such an outrageous violation of basic human decency that I am left feeling a bit sick just reading about it. Some years ago I fractured my skull from ear to ear. One of the few things I remember from the first week is that the severe pain was indescribable. As anyone who has undergone a serious head injury will agree, help for this young lady can not arrive swiftly enough.

What kind of person is Trump, who would cause such intense distress? And what have we, as a nation, become in allowing such a man to continue to wield such nauseatingly sadistic power?


You latter point, what Trump says about what the US people have become, or I'm inclined to think, always have been, the most troubling thing of all.


This administration is a straight up bunch of murderers.


Let's not fool ourselves that this is just a Trumpian issue. While this incident is indeed an atrocious event that goes against any and all humanitarian principles, let's not forget that this is not far from the treatment that the American state has consistently handed to the millions without insurance or financial resources to pay for basic health treatments.


Pardon me whilst I step outside and scream for a bit...
This is insane, cruelty over the fuk ing top.
And some azzhat(s) in a uniform actually complied with this order!


The Nuremberg Trials clearly established, through arguments lead by the US of A, that "I was just following orders" is not a defense when violating human rights. Somebody in ICE needs to stand up and say "No!". If they don't, they should be made to understand the principles established in those trials -- not that Jeff Sessions would ever allow such a prosecution.


When the Jewish actress Hedy Lamar said that when she saw the Brownshirts pushing Jews off the sidewalks in Vienna in 1935, she knew there was going to be big trouble ahead for Europe. This disgusting behavior of the ICE officials toward this poor suffering woman signals big trouble ahead for this country and its people. I foresee nothing less than a national convulsion that will sweep from sea to shining sea. There's a fierce battle ahead that we will all be swept up in.