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'Heartbreaking,' Say Global Experts, Alarmed at Signs US Has 'Given Up' Fight to Stop Covid-19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/19/heartbreaking-say-global-experts-alarmed-signs-us-has-given-fight-stop-covid-19


This really IS a CRIME against humanity.

Meanwhile, Tulsa is set to be the most explosively violent distraction to date. The normalization of imperial violence brought home continues.



It looks like Canada will have to permanently close the Border to Americans coming in and Canadians visiting the USA. Indeed I do not see how any Country could allow its citizens to visit the USA unless on return they quarantined for 20 days.


Yesterday I heard that AMC, the huge cinema chain, plans to reopen without requiring facemasks, because they’d prefer to avoid “political issues” such as facemasks – whether or not it’s nice to carelessly expose others to deadly risk.

In USA the choice of whether to use your turn-signal is a political issue. Our precious freedom to act like total idiots shall be pried from cold dead fingers. Give me recklessness, or give me death!


Looks like we will be trapped here in this-----one of the best examples of a “shithole”---- country.
There is understandable celebration with the Supreme Court ruling yesterday related to DACA and what that ruling represents.

I fear soon everyone will be stuck here unable to get out.
As opposed to fighting to stay in the u.s., I believe there will be battles to get out. It’s one I am ready to take up to get my daughter out of here.

I know there are some decent, compassionate people here but the level of people owning weapons in the u.s. combined with ignorance, hate, greed and selfishness is massive and a horrific combination.

Other countries pity us and this article articulates yet another example why this is the case.

p.s. Anybody else catch that lunatic standing in line for the trump rally dressed as the border wall?


My cousin in Ft W is spewing such anger at those around him, no one with masks ANYWHERE. the uptick in cases in TXASS are now mostly YOUNGER age groups; you now, the ones who are impervious. Miserable morons.


Those were my thoughts too!!


I would like to see a different reality played out.

However, through their childish petulance, arrogance and contrarianism, these idiot morons are determined to own the libs, kill themselves, and, take as many of the rest of us with them that they can, in the process. Phuck them. Stop trying to protect them from themselves. Do what you can to keep you and yours safe. Hunker down as best you can and let them kill themselves as quickly as possible, do that the rest of us can get on with fixing the problems they are causing. They will take themselves out of the game before long and earn Darwin Awards in the process

Phuck Them!


It’s hard to have sympathy for the wilful ignorance but Stupid People have to
have their “rights”.honored.


Couldn’t agree more. These ‘freedumb fighters’ don’t like to do what the government tells them (like driving on the right side of the road, having a license and insurance and on and on???)


Apparently, after a public backlash, they have since reversed that and will require masks.

See ~https://1010wins.radio.com/articles/ap-news/amc-theaters-reverses-course-on-masks-after-backlash

Not that I would go to movie theater under any circumstances right now.


I harbor some of the same feelings.

Unfortunately their moronic behavior is likely to kill thousands of innocent bystanders who are acting responsibly.


If you are over 75, want to live, and can self-quarantine, do so.
The isolation will suck, but that’s about you got.

For everyone of working age, you’ll just have to take your chances.
Because you live in an economy, not a democracy.
It’s all about the benjamins, yo.

On the bright side: Hardly anyone under age 50 needs hospitalization or dies.
The bad news: Anti-bodies seem to only last for 3 months in asymptomatic Sars-CoV-2 infections.

Yeah, apparently you can become infected numerous times.
Kinda gives new meaning to the term “super spreader.”


In hyper-capitalism, no one could profit by keeping everyone safe through methodical organization and planning. Therefore, this was not a high priority. End stage capitalism.


That’s good, at least give their workers a fighting chance.

Our local KCBS has a pretty good “ask the experts” show every morning at 9:20. They had an expert on aerosols (invisible droplets) describing what sounds to me like the most serious risk. Someone called to ask about whether aerosols containing COVID-19 could travel around with exhaled cigarette smoke. The answer to that question was so vivid, it’s unforgettable: Aerosols behave exactly like the cigarette smoke you can see, she said – spreading out to fill the room and settling very slowly without air circulation. That’s why enclosed spaces are my biggest worry. Everything’s much less risky outside.

Time for a renaissance of the great drive-in cinema tradition.


I don’t think those global “experts” fully appreciate the incredibly big brain of the Donald. He’s applying all that quantum physics he learned in science college. Nothing is real until it’s measured. No test, no covid. It’s obvious to those with the really big brains, and the best words, that testing is the problem, as that’s what’s making the virus come into existence.

Sadly, people even more stupid than the Donald, see Finger Banging Joe as a viable alternative, despite his whole career spent on bringing the US to its current state, and his promise of no change.

If We follow these leaders, it’s our own damn fault. If we want something different we have to vote that way, or actively rebel. Voting differently is so much more positive.


There is no way I will vote for Joe Biden.

My vore is for a declaration of independence; None of the Above.


One of the changes in elections which I’d like to see, is a binding “none of the above” choice in any race contested by more than one candidate.


True, as I noted. But short of putting a bullet in their heads, or hustling them off to the FEMA camps, they just won’t cooperate.

Wouldn’t you luv to see the looks on their faces when the bus pulls up,


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With a pandemic there’s success and there’s surrender. With this pandemic we can expect millions of survivors to have to live with permanent health and organ damage for the rest of their lives.

Now, let’s name the chickens: #1 Arizona and #3 Utah are simply archconservative death camps for their citizens. Most of the rest of the trouble is in the South with the exceptions of Kentucky and Virginia, two states that care about grandpa.

Meanwhile, half the country is winning. The Northeast in particular is marching away from being a hotspot and toward victory. They’re just going to have to ban or quarantine all southerners, including southern business travelers, for quite a few months.

I have updated my coronavirus state-by-state statistics daily since March 22 at *ttp://quakerworks .net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm