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'Heartbreaking' Scene on Boston Streets as Police Destroy Wheelchairs Belonging to Homeless Residents

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/07/heartbreaking-scene-boston-streets-police-destroy-wheelchairs-belonging-homeless


“I tremble for my nation when I recall that god is just”
–Thomas Jefferson


I was requested by the mother of a ninth grader who cannot walk. Needs a very lightweight wheel chair to use in 9th grade at high school. It has to be sturdy, fold up easily and have a weight limit. They have a car, not an SUV or truck, Will try to have it fit easily into back seat.

going for inexpensive
yet durable

What the hell. ? I can’t imagine someone could be so cruel ! It is just wrong ! Sick!


Ever hear of Whirlwind Wheelchair? Ralph Nader interviewed their guy twice. It seems like such an awesome idea, I donated to them. They design wheelchairs to be made for poor people in other countries with no access to paved surfaces. I’m not sure if they would be able to help in the U.S., but they might have an idea, or something on their website:

It would be awesome if they got some donations in response to this sick story.

Here is one of the Ralph interviews:


I can’t make sense of what is going on with anything right now. It’s like we are in some kind of crazed sadistic psychotic madhouse. I’m out for a while. I’m headed to my local shelter and see if I can help out even though today is not one of my volunteer days… it’s too much awful… just too much…


While we’re on the subject of hate in other stories and homelssness here, there’s a connection:


Sick, degenerate, evil


There must be a typo … Boston? Surly you mean some flyover, redneck, deplorable state or city?
Don’t you?


Interesting to note that this is taking place in a city known for its ‘liberal’ politics and with a mayor who, in the last race, was endorsed, over a Black Latinx by progressive, mostly white Bostonians.


Boston is a brutal town.


thank you for the Whirlwind.
The photo indicates a very durable, long lasting wheel chair.
suitable for our disabled veterans in the midwest and elsewhere.
The ninth grader here probably weighs less than 100 pounds, but
design criterea uses 250 pounds in case a football player takes her
wheel chair for a spin. Which is good because he then knows just
what physical limitations are. Builds understanding and caring about others.

This one will have urethane wheels with treads.
all four are 6 inch diameter - so far. front two rotate.

Her fellow classmates do push her class to class and there
is a school elevator for her and others to use.

One goal is to provide for the folded chair easily into inside of a regular sedan.
Lightweight and inexpensive. Off the shelf components.


I believe it was Will Rogers who said “being poor ain’t a crime, but it ought to be.”

Well, it’s a crime now.


This could Never happen in Beantown, where the struggle for Freedom and Liberty began?

It must be Boston in the Philippines where that crazed Dictator Duterte rules.

A cruel tragedy like this could Never happen in America.


This is just disgusting! I just emailed the mayor of Boston, somebody named Walsh. We all should. He needs to hear from EVERYBODY that this policy is OUTRAGEOUS! Just google Mayor of Boston Email and you can get the contact page.


First they create the conditions for poverty. Then they punish the poor.

How long? Not long…


Just called–everyone call/email now!

617-635-4500 or 617-635-4500)



What do I think??
I can’t tell you what I really think should be done to these cops, my post will be flagged.
But for starters fire the bastards and charge them with theft of personal property, with the cost of wheelchairs, they might reach the amount for felonies. With any luck, a lawyer with a soul, will step-up and do just that pro bono.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this is what’s instore for all of us, in the near future.


Seattle is the same. Two 24/7 white racist hate radio stations are operating at maximum capacity, turning people into cruel imbeciles.


Since its inception, the US™ has been marketed to the rest of the world as the chosen country for god’s chosen people. Therefore, there must not be any poverty. The disabled, the poor, the homeless, must be eradicated or at least hidden, and places like Disneyland shown as Potemkin Villages, all shining and bright, even though employee are basically slaves. Also since its inception, the Smartphone and other devices have generated a 50% loss in feelings of empathy and compassion in the general population. Add that to what has been lost because of years of exposure to “reality shows”, and we have a population whose frontal cortex has atrophied in favor of the reptile brain. This allows people in power to do dreadful things, like put children in cages. And destroy a homeless disabled person’s wheelchair. And abandon a disabled elderly woman in a strange place after promising her life would be better, that they would help her find new doctors and pharmacies. But that’s my story. BTW, I’m legally blind…