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Heartless! Senate Trumpcare Plan Every Bit as 'Ugly' and 'Cruel' as Expected


Well of course it is obvious that the plan is just another arm of neo-liberalism practicing it’s trade,
taking form the poor to give to the rich, in order to accumulate more wealth for those that have
already have more then they could possible use or need in 10 life times. And of course they are shameless in doing it. Absolute wealth, wants to rule absolute, rules of decency do not apply.
That is perhaps the cruelest trick being played on the already destitute. Everything they say they are doing is to somehow make your life better. Well, when they say that, you know you need to hold on tight to what you have, because they are coming for it.


Thank you! It is beyond belief how anyone can arrogantly say they fought for my freedom if they fought in any of our bogus wars since WWII.


Our Elections have been rigged by computers over the last 50 years and we must
acknowledge that we have had ZERO leverage over our elected officials and
government all of that time.

We have no legal recourse against our own corrupt government.

Free Assembly and Citizen protest is under constant attack by militarized police.

The public must act in self-defense of the loss of our government, but only non-violently
which means that we have to get a lot smarter about dealing with the criminals ruling
over us.


whether it’s “obamacare” or “trumpcare” our health is more about politics than health! this “trumpcare” plan has been hammered out by a group of republican men–all men–behind closed doors. neither the “single payer is off the table!” democrats nor the repugnant republicans bear any repercussions whatsoever. our “deciders” have complete coverage mostly at tax payer expense. their corporate overlords, the “billionaire class” have no dog in this show–they’re covered! we do not live in a democracy, but rather an oligarchy. what we the people think matters little but the oligarchy records history as the actions of one exceptional leader and each oval office resident desires his place in the history books.

when i first glimpsed the photo at the top of this post, i could not help but notice that the signs carried by the spontaneous people’s uprising appeared as if created by professional sign makers. just now i flipped back to the article to show my son and voila! we see obviously hand-made protest signs. what’s that about? people poured into the streets holding their posters immediately as soon as the “trumpcare” plan was revealed. at first at least this began as a well-planned and orchestrated democratic party organized protest. i hear that several republicans will not support the plan meaning that obama’s inadequate plan may remain. in that case the democrats will tell us to cheer because it’s a win for the little people. it is not!


Right you are.
Of course, it’s not “just” healthcare that’s an open question; our democracy is clearly under assault. Who knew it’d be promoted by Republican politicians? :imp:


exactly! i’ve been talking to myself on the most recent robert koehler offering. in my third and final response to myself i attempted to make that very astute point of yours. if you have time and inclination check it out and let me know what you think,


“* Remember, to the Ubermench with their billions or trillions in the vaults, We the People have no value other than providing cheap labor, and going deeper in debt for the toys they convince us that we need.”

Now this is one area of choice in which I think we the people can make changes for our own long term benefit. Often we should ask ourselves, “do I really need this which is being tried to be sold to me?” On the other hand, even if a person after a lifetime of self denial accumulates half a million or maybe more but happens to fall chronically ill and needing healthcare his savings could quickly evaporate. So he is eventually homeless and living on the street after all, and left wondering about the existence of God. Hopefully God is quick to collect His son’s essence and bring him home to His Paradise. God may then ask, “Where is the mercy I desired?” (Matthew 9:13) It should be clear to all professing to be true Christians what form healthcare should take.


“How can republicans cut more then $50 billion from government healthcare, yet claim it is ‘better… improved’?”

It just depends on your point of view. If you are a billionaire or trillionaire who pays very little taxes, you want to cut still more taxes. If you have to kill 24 million people to do it, that is still an “improvement.” Most of those 24 million are just the poor and the sick, so they don’t count anyway. Throw 'em away and keep the profit. It is now the “mericun way.”

  • For the poor, sick and hungry, it is not an improvement, it is just another disaster promulgated by the Oilagarchy.