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'Heartlessness Mixed With Political Power': Trump Admin Rejected Plan to Provide Mental Healthcare to Separated Families

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/19/heartlessness-mixed-political-power-trump-admin-rejected-plan-provide-mental


Please lets stop this neo-cons - bad, neo-liberals - good BS, they’re both horrible. Is this immigrant separation terrible, yes, but where did the Trump administration get the idea? From the Obummer administration, that’s where, did they offer mental healthcare to the families they separated? I don’t know, but I would guess not, anyone who would do this, most likely wouldn’t care about the mental health of the people they’ve caged and separated.


Miller more than most needs to be jailed. It was who, Banon, that brought him into the WH. Well, they could have themselves a little reunion behind bars together.

“Mankind censure injustice fearing that they may be the victims of it, and not because they shrink from committing it.”



WOW - where is the catholic church, baptist, any other christian church saying ANYTHING???
They are silent for fear their MONEY $$$$$$$$$ income will be disrupted.

This is the closes we have come t0 Hilter 2.0 and where is the christian community???

The vast majority of refugees from Central America today are primarily due to two causes, both of which the U.S. is in great part responsible in creating. The U.S.'s drug demand fuels the gangs in Central America, which you either join, or you get killed, or you flee from. Those choosing to flee, usually come to the U.S.
The second major cause for refugees from Central America is due to an ensuing drought which has left many farmers over the last several years unable to grow sufficient crops to feed their families. And since this current drought is attributed by many to the world’s changing climate; the U.S. who then is a major contributor to climate change is in effect directly responsible for this cause as well.


This family separation horror show makes me see red, murderous red.
It is a good thing that I do not have guns…

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When this Christmas these “christian” fascists bend their knees and pray to that madonna and child, let them remember the face of this woman and child.

And now the COVID-19, climate denying still US American president is planning more very “christian” sanctions and possible bombing of Iran. It is beginning to look like his revenge for being voted out rather than addressing the pandemic and providing PPEs for healthcare providers.

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Not all white people, not all white people, not all white people, not all white people, not all white people, not all white people, not all white peo…

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The first person that needs mental healthcare is Trump himself. Then he might come to some realization that he is the cause of so many others mental health issues. Unfortunately I think the guy is a lost cause and in many ways his own life is a tragedy but his ego would keep him from ever seeing that.

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NAFTA and the dumping of cheap corn from the US into Mexico also caused the earlier wave of immigration from Mexico. I don’t think we have ever really analyzed how some of these global trade agreements lead to exactly what we are seeing. The problem is the people benefitting from this are in the board rooms and country clubs and could care less about the struggles of the people in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Hondurus, Nicaragua or anywhere else in the world including the people of the United States who have also been hurt by these trade deals.


They are locked in, eyes glazed over from watching the enabling Fox Noise and other right-wing propaganda trash.

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Fanon was right - the violence and oppression of Empire will at some point come home and become part of the social fabric.

I keep trying to think of a single president since Nixon that hasn’t committed war and/or crimes against humanity. Televised war as sporting events, and this bizarre fetishization of military service has meant that it’s always been “over there” somewhere these things happen. Consequently, the ruling elite (just like cops) get to put the spin on things as they’re the first (if not only) ones to create the narrative. Both doubt and extreme levels of rationalization ensue, and the crimes are white washed or swept away.

I distinctly remember a discussion decades back in which we determined if someone can kill on orders because of a job, why would they hesitate to lie as well? In the scheme of things it’s easy to decide that lies are the lesser of the evils.

What ICE and their 3rd party contractors have done at the direction of this administration…these things cannot be ignored nor absolved. Everyone involved, from Miller on down to the concentration camp enforcers need to face full consequences of these numerous and fully evil endeavors. While arguably the national soul is fully corrupt and diseased (dis - eased), these crimes are ones that take generations to recover from, and only then when openly and honestly faced, with real subsequent consequences.



Of course, a lot going on – but if we want to find these children – and regain something

of the reputation of this nation, the press and government have to work together to find

these children. Presuming that Trump ensured that there’d be very sloppy records, or none.

Is there any other way – ?

For one thing, I would imagine there are going to be either many small fires in the WH and
Executive buildings – or one large one at Mara Largo –

Can’t imagine what Biden is going to be given re data on the Virus – 1!

Which of you low-income faggots will pay for this, exactly? Oh that is right, white men, the only people who actually pay into the system.