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Heat Building on Exxon as Multiple Probes Explore Climate Cover-Up



It is important to keep this huge issue of deeply malignant corporate behavior fresh in the public mind. Although securities fraud may be the easiest legal avenue to prosecution, the fraud against their own shareholders is trivial compared to the intentional obstruction of science, and the clear and present danger they have created by knowingly doing so. The tobacco industry was successfully approached via racketeering laws, and Exxon's participation in the "Global Climate Coalition" bears all the same earmarks.

For a 3-minute musical summary, listen to the music video "Exxon Knew All Along" on the MusicalScalpel website.


Yeah, I'll believe anything of substance will actually happen when I see it! Big oil&gas are pumping-out campaign-contribution bribes to our highly malleable politicians to assure nothing beside lip-service will be forthcoming. from will Exxon-Mobil and the others will continue to post vast profits and maintain power.


This whole world, unannounced to the general public seems goin' down at about the same time as we're 'comin' 'round'. I feel the noose gettin' tighter, anybody got a phreakin' sharp edge to cut through the bullshit? Multinational corps are the scourge of the Earth, we must eventually 'dance' on most of their graves if we are to survive. They grow more wealthy with our demise. That's insane, eh?