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Heated Presidential Primary Lives on as Clinton Stumps for Wasserman Schultz


Heated Presidential Primary Lives on as Clinton Stumps for Wasserman Schultz

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

"The Democratic presidential primary lives on in Florida's 23rd congressional district," the Miami Herald reported Tuesday after Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton paused her campaigning to endorse former party chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is in the midst of a close primary fight with the Bernie Sanders-backed Tim Canova.


With Sanders cahmpioning Clinton's run AND continuing to promise active support of progressive Congressional candidates, the dynamics of some Congressional races will be very interesting.

In addition to Canova, there is Democrat Jaypal in Washington competing against Democrat Brady Walkinshaw who is heavily supported and p[romoted by the local and state Clinton establishment.


So if you don't have kids, you shouldn't be in politics? Wow...Clinton seems desperate to retain DWS in Congress, because the two were most certainly in cahoots and collusion on the DNC rigging, but since when did ethics and morality ever interfere with a Clintonian quest for power? And then there is of course, the suspicious murder of DNC staffer, Seth Rich, who Julian Assange hinted may have been the one that leaked the emails.


Here is Assange. He treads carefully but it is clear what he infers.




Not sure if you have seen this interview:

Julian Assange interviewed on Dutch TV

There are two videos on this page (it's in Dutch, but the videos are English).

I believe Julian is saying, in as clear a voice as possible, that the DNC worker, Seth Rich, was murdered for leaking the emails, which brought down DWS.

You have to wonder why Wikileaks would even get involved in a $20,000 reward (for Rich's murderer) if there was zero connection.

I wish somebody could talk me down on this one. It's chilling.

Addendum: Somebody posted this just before me...sorry for the duplication.


I saw that too and wondered if that was meant to imply an alternate lifestyle.


"To which Wasserman Schultz responded to Clinton, "We are going to make sure that Broward and Miami-Dade counties carry you."

Is she best buds with Katherine Harris?


Yes, good point; either way - yikes!


"Sanders has also indicated he may travel to South Florida to stump for Canova"

I'm almost certain that Hillary is a heckuva lot busier these days than Bernie, and she finds the time to campaign for a friend. If Bernie doesn't campaign for Canova, it's betrayal #2 for his own revolution.


I prefer Debbie Does Loan Sharks, for the title of this race. Her unconscionable support for payday lenders should automatically disqualify her for re-election by anyone who considers themselves to be a progressive or true Democrat. Taking back the Democratic Party for The People begins here and now, by defeating both of these shameless, self-promoting, money-grubbing tools of the 1%. Down with Debbie and Hillary, both! #NeverHillary. Canova for Congress. Jill Stein 2016!


Though voting Green, I'm not prepared to give up on other progressive avenues in this post-Sanders situation...

I have contributed to Canova - both to increase the ranks of small donors by one, and because I think his beating the disgraced Wasserman Schultz would be an important real and symbolic win for progressives and repudiation of Clinton and the dominant right liberal faction of the Democratic Party.

Also, am sending off a note to the progressive faction of my teacher's union urging them to sponsor a motion in support of Canova and other progressive challengers at our next delegate meeting (which, regrettably, is after Aug 30). Although symbolic, such endorsement - especially if there were some...slogan or political pin or special-colored ribbon standing for 'post-Sanders-support-of-progressive-candidates' - might carry forward the progressive energies of the Sanders movement.


Good god! Talk about "thicker than water" - she supports her fellow hated party cronies even to the point of political suicide!

Everyone, send a contribution to Canova's campaign.


Sanders has sent out a letter - evidently using his mailing lists to target people who supported and donated to him - supporting Canova and asking for contributions to Canova.

As to whether Sanders goes to Florida...that might help Canova...or it might not...Sanders's original campaign was a 'hostile takeover' challenge to the Democratic establishment...But by having endorsed Clinton, hasn't he kind of handicapped himself in terms of criticizing Wasserman Schultz and the Democratic Party - which remains an important focus of Canova's campaign?

It's like....Bernie-after stumping for Bernie-before...

I would think there was some awareness of the above on the part of both Canova and Sanders...


Please come back to reality. Jill Stein is not going to be US president - in 2016, or considering her age, ever.

If the Green Party really organizes and eventually gets at least at least a few members to Congress, there might, just might, be a Green president by 2036 or so. Or, if they cause Trump to be elected, maybe there will be a Green President in the next century or so if there is still a USA or human civilization then.

Organizing is long and hard. There are no shortcuts. The Greens are continuing their awful strategy of squander their limited resources on the quadrennial presidential extravaganzas, while doing nothing about long-term organizing and winning local political offices.


Canova himself supports Clinton for President, for the same reason Sanders does, because of the alternative. So, I guess Canova is not worth supporting and you should allow Wasserman Schultz to win instead? Politics is not infantile "daytime television" drama - it is smart application of long-term strategy and short-term tactics.


Your ability to predict the future is remarkable. Do you have crystal ball or tea leaves?


I think your timetable is too conservative. Change can build quickly when the snowball effect comes into play (not 90 days quick but 90 months quick is very doable). The change in American attitudes about LGBT rights is an example.


Hillary's support of Schultz, the women who just got caught fixing the primary, is as bad a mistake as Trump saying he would use nuclear weapons. Jill Stein 2016



The DNC emails revealed that the election rigged and that the DNC worked to get Ms Clinton nominated. The DNC and Ms Clinton try and deflect attention from this by suggesting Russians hacked the servers in questions even while not denying any of the information leaked is false.

Julian Assange has stated in the past that the information was due to a LEAK and not a hack. In other words someone working for the DNC leaked all that information to Wikileaks.

A revealing interview with Mr Assange where he mentions one Seth Rich.

Wikileaks is offering a 20000 dollar reward for information as to who murdered Seth Rich.


How did she fix the primary?