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Heather Heyer Remembered 'for Daring to Stand Up' as Anti-Racists Counter White Supremacist Rally in DC

Heather Heyer Remembered 'for Daring to Stand Up' as Anti-Racists Counter White Supremacist Rally in DC

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

This is a developing story. Check back for updates...

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And where is James Fields Jr. the killer- by- car now? I lost track of him----is the state doing its due diligence for equal protection under the law and treating seriously the victims of those with extreme rage issues ?

(I was going to post on my own, until I saw that you too were curious. I did not fact check the information, but it seems to be reasonable at first review.)

In jail since the incident, his trial is in November. In December the grand jury indicted him for 10 charges: first-degree murder, five counts of malicious wounding, three counts of aggravated malicious wounding, and failing to stop at the scene of a crash.

I was watching Frontline the other night, “Documenting Hate: Charlottesville”. Frontline and ProPublica unite to investigate the neo-nazi and white supremacist groups involved in the Unite the Right rally. It’s the first of two parts and it’s riveting. The groups involved, the breakdown in intelligence sharing concerning the scope and intent of those planning the rally, the lack of police intervention as peaceful protesters were attacked and beaten at their feet, and then the video of the car driven by Fields…clearly intentional, and horrifying. And now these hateful groups intent on physically hurting as many as they can are taking their mob to D.C…apparently to inform the citizens of “Chocolate City” that the White House is of, by, and for their kind of white folks. Heaven help us all.

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Heather dared to stand up and so does her mother, Susan Bro. Her activism is inspiring and hopefully contagious. Chapeau, Mrs. Bro…


Rest in Peace, Heather. The fight against white trash continues.

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If we consider ourselves to be Gospel adherent Christians then we know the error of treating any of our bretheren here on this hard, painful Earth with less respect than we would want for ourselves. Race/skin color should have nothing to do with acceptance of one another as equal Spirits under God. All should work toward peace and Salvation. Unrest, violence and hatred have no place in attainment of our ultimate goal.

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Hindsight being a nearly omnipotent tool, I realize that I could have made a fortune selling dog whistles with patented frequencies. Maybe in the next life, if I am so inclined…

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Incorrect. Hate filled inflammatory speech, meant to encourage violence, is just as unlawful as yelling “fire” in a crowded theater, when there is no fire.

This is what you call an “act of violence?”

No real need for name calling (ad hominem) is there? But it seems this may be a personal habit.

No, I just don’t have time to list every inaccuracy you pushed. Kinda like how Hair Fuhrer uses greenlighting as carpet bombardment of the masses with fake news. It is a very successful ploy.

LOL.your words are most entertaining.

You mean like this?