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Heather Heyer's Mom Won't Talk to Trump 'After What He Said About My Child'


Heather Heyer's Mom Won't Talk to Trump 'After What He Said About My Child'

Julia Conley, staff writer

Susan Bro spoke about the loss of her daughter, Heather Heyer, in an interview with Good Morning America on Friday, saying she will not speak with President Donald Trump now after seeing his latest press conference on the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend.


“Think before you speak.”

That would require an intellect.


I would argue that Trump is culpable for what happened to Heather as an enabler and a supporter of his racist, base; therefor, why would Susan Bro meet with him when Trump is everything her daughter detested?


When the Orange Anus speaks all that comes out is shit…:poop::poop::poop::poop:


F-ck the Nazi scumbag donald Hair Hitler trump and his braindead supporters. Republicans really are the PARTY OF STUPID!


Orange anus? There is actually an international political cartoon depicting Trump as an anus. I think it was the United Kingdom. I think the blab too many for mom was Trump’s statement that both sides were to blame. No it wasn’t in regard to Heather’s death after being hit by that car. The driver was a White Supremacist racist and he was the one who intentionally slammed his car into a crowd of anti racist protesters. I agree with Mom, that is a false equivalency tactic. The bottom line is Trump is a White Supremacist and White Supremacists helped to elect him.


YES!!! Om Shanthi. We have to find our way as a nation to some type of resolution to this conflict that leaves the nation at some sort of PEACE, at least to the point to function as a nation for ALL OF US. Why is that a radical concept in 2017? Why is it a radical concept to say Trump is a White Supremacist and is very obviously biased in this situation. He wants to excuse all of the excesses for racism and White Supremacy with a false equivalency. It was a White Supremacist racist that rammed his care into a crowd of anti racists. BOTH SIDES ARE NOT TO BLAME. The murder of Heather is what took this over the top against the White Supremacists racists. Why did it have to take Heathers MURDER to wake up America to the fact that we have White Supremacist racists among us including our president?


Well said, thanks for your reply.


The people who plowed a car into a crowd in Spain were called terrorists. Why wasn’t the guy who did the same thing in Charlottesville called a terrorist?


Yes, good point. If he was part of a group, that group needs to be defined as a terrorist group and responded to accordingly. I didn’t see any mention of his group, but it is likely that he belonged to one of the hate groups, Nazi, White Supremacist, etc… What I don’t understand is both the anti racists and the White Supremacists had permits to meet in the same area. What else can you expect to happen when they are in the same area? I believe in freedom of speech but I also believe in not let warring factions meet in the same area given the potential for violence.