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Heathrow Expansion Is An Environmental Travesty


Heathrow Expansion Is An Environmental Travesty

Andrew Pendleton

Letting Heathrow expand is the climate’s worst nightmare. But the government seems desperate to feed big, greedy, carbon-guzzling monster businesses instead of boosting simple things that would benefit lots of people’s lives.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that Friends of the Earth not only opposes the expansion of Heathrow but also any airport expansion anywhere.


NO to airport or road expansion but also electric cars are NOT the answer!
Electric cars still take 10x the land of Rail, LightRail, Trolleys, bicycles or walkable communities, still lead to thousands of deaths and waste enormous resources for
2 ton vehicles to transport a 200 pound person. We need Green public transit all over the planet. The UK could start with Jeremy Corbyn's suggestion to reclaim the rails from the
profiteer privatizers begun under Thatcher back to the public and increase frequency
and service. Instead of flying High Speed Rail is the way to go and there is already
the Chunnel...