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Heatwave: Think It’s Hot in Europe? The Human Body Is Already Close to Thermal Limits Elsewhere

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/29/heatwave-think-its-hot-europe-human-body-already-close-thermal-limits-elsewhere


I was laughed at and threatened with violence when I suggested moving away from fossil fuels to the powers of that be of a tropical third world city in 1980.
This was after I had read about Jimmy putting up solar panels on the white house.
Those doing the laughing won’t be around, but their kids will rot in the heat before they can build their pile of wood or dig their six feet.

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No wonder that the U.K. is sweating it’s ass off.

Boris Johnson is their new Prime Minister.

Trump 2.Zero.

All life has livable heat and humidity livable ranges. When crops fail due to heat/humidity range being broken, humans die of starvation.
Along with the 2010 deaths in Russia due to the heat, there was failure of much of the Russian wheat crop. That lead to Russia being unable to export wheat which led to bread shortage in Egypt which led to the “Arab Spring”.


Good article with a unique ‘grey swan’ perspective. I had not considered that combination or power outage and plus 35 deg C wet bulb temperature.

So thank you to Tom Matthews for that !

Below is a link to a 2017 article on ‘wet bulb’ temperatures and the threat to the same regions as Dr. Matthews has enumerated - South Asia, The Persian Gulf, especially the coastal areas, and significant and highly populated regions of China.

I recently sent the article linked to below to a Chinese friend I work with, who only arrived here a few years ago. He told me just today he is sending it to his contacts in China.

I will send this Common Dreams article to him presently.

These emerging threats are synergistic I am afraid - each one contributing to a disaster greater even than the sum of the parts.

Deadly heat waves projected in the densely populated agricultural regions of South Asia](https://advances.sciencemag.org/content/3/8/e1603322.full)

Many of the places that will experience fatal hot weather in a few
decades also have high population growth. In those places, the most
basic civic duty, for those who wish to act constructively, is to have
fewer children – ideally none, since some people will disregard the
need and reproduce anyway. A smaller population will do less to bring
about fatal hot weather, and will be easier to protect from it.

way too late for that, we don’t even have a decade,
don’t tell yer kids . .

Ya, I’m late to the table, so what…good article but he’s wrong. Humans will not survive 3C, let alone 4C and ALL life will be gone at 5C. What he doesn’t say for a point of reference is you can die sitting under a tree at 95F if all of the components for wet bulb are met. 95F is a cool day here in the AZ desert but “it’s a dry heat”, right? Not for long with all that ice melting.

Have you considered the possibility, the probability, that we (and the Chinese and Indians) have already pushed the climate “past the tipping point” and that such heat waves and mass 100k or millions of heat deaths are inevitable?

The Paul Ehrlich “population bombers” will tell us that this is an inevitable thing, of planet Earth, Gaia, rebalancing itself and ridding itself of the surplus [excess] population.

(With any kind of luck all those heat-stressed people of color will migrate to Europe and North America and kill off all the white people, who caused all this.)
(Consider how much of this is meant as sarcasm.)