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'Heaven Help the Opposition': Team Bernie Says Progressive Champion Emerging From Minor Heart Attack Stronger Than Ever

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/09/heaven-help-opposition-team-bernie-says-progressive-champion-emerging-minor-heart


I had two stents put in eight years ago and I can tell you FROM EXPERIENCE (not propaganda) that one who has their blockage cleared IMPROVES GREATLY because now the flow is working properly. Anything the corporate media spins against Bernie is simply their usual attack, smear, or LIES against “America’s Dad”!


Great news! Going from Trump to Bernie would be like going to heaven from hell! " HEAVEN HELP THE OPPOSITION!"


" We have one last shot ", Nathan Robinson of Current Affairs.
That’s a mouthful, Nathan. You’re on to something here though, of course. If the DNC and the Super Delegates in the Democratic Party can’t read the writing on the wall; well ya’ know, we have one last shot with them. We will be hanging our own new banners and carrying our own new flags into the 3rd decade of the 21st Century.
This is a grassroots " change " movement and the polling shows this quite clearly. The progressives have ascended to represent the majority of the rank-and-file Democratic Party.
Really, that’s the end of the story.
Former VP Biden represents the old guard reactionary wing of Democrats. And, has tainted himself with this Ukrainian and other foreign policy debacles/dustups. So, too, have other major figures in past Democratic Adms. Their hands are not clean no matter what the " spinmasters " and MSM try to fill our heads with.
It’s past time for a fresh start, one way or another. Go get 'em Bernie we’ve got your back.


This video sums up his whole campaign. Not Me. Us. Get and stay well Bernie! WE NEED YOU!


We should all be sending them Robert Reich’s latest OpEd. He is one Neoliberal , centrist Clinton toadie who seems to have learned that if we Don’t take Bernie’s hard LEFT TURN we will not survive - Politically, Economically, Environmentally.
Even 4 years of Bernie will be worth more than 8 years of anyone else

Bernie 2020


To paraphrase another great leader: “Ask not what Bernie can do for me. Ask what I can do for Bernie.” (And help him reach all the people he wants to bring together as one.)


Powerful and true statement, Phred.

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Since you mentioned Bye-Done! you have opened the door for me to dedicate a song to him:


Zero Hedge and Consortium News are reporting more bad news for Biden and others surrounding this Ukrainian mess. If the allegations are proven; well, it’s not good for Ol’ Joe.

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The link to one mentioned article and “bad news” for “sloppy joe” follows.this quote from one of two Consortium News articles…

“the United States routinely breaks international law by overthrowing sovereign governments, and not in the name of spreading democracy, but in the interests of capital and geo-strategy. That was the case with Ukraine in 2014”

" Can you imagine if the Trump administration finally succeeds in overthrowing the Venezuelan government and a couple of months later Vice President Mike Pence’s son (who wasn’t kicked out of the Navy for drug use) lands a spot on the board of a privatized Venezuelan national oil company?"

“That is exactly what happened with Biden and his son Hunter in Ukraine.”



"“’It was in February [2014] when Yanukovych was overthrown, and just a few months later (in May), Joe Biden’s son and a close friend of John Kerry’s stepson, they both join the board of this Ukrainian gas company. And the name of that was Burisma Holdings,’” - quote from the second linked piece


One year of Bernie would be better than eight years of anyone else. We all know that the drumbeat of the establishment to hound Bernie out of the campaign is not going to stop. The party deck is stacked against him, and always has been. I’m waiting for the Spring primary/caucuses “other shoe” to drop that will sneakily cheat him out of the nomination again. Maybe the Congressional Black Caucus lying about his civil rights record again in South Carolina? The only reason South Carolina is early in the primary season is because it leans very establishment and more conservative, so it’s likely not to go with a progressive like Bernie. That shouldn’t matter at all. There is zero chance the Democrats will take SC in a general election anytime in the foreseeable future. They are irrelevant to a progressive victory against Trump. Trump will win SC, just like there is no way in Hell Trump will win California. As for me, unless Bernard Sanders is the Democratic nominee for President, I will not be voting for the Democratic nominee (maybe there will be an acceptable third party choice). I will however, be conducting a scorched-earth campaign of truth telling about the corruption of whoever the nominee is, because the rest of them are, and the party deserves to be burned to the ground if they nominate one of them.


" LIES against “America’s Dad”!

My wife loves that quote!..I also had a stent placed in 2009 and since have had zero problems, and I go and have a nuclear stress test every 18 months and have had 2 heart-catheter procedures to make sure all is well. I am fortunate to have pretty good insurance because I worked in Civil Service for 39 yrs, but I KNOW people in my own family who would not be able to afford medical if they have the same problems that I have had. Bernie and others are going to make this right and that’s why we are behind him 100% on not just Medicare for ALL, but restoring our democracy that we enjoyed before Wall St. purchased it.


The Wall Street ‘centrist’ DNC crowd (and corrupt Super Delegates) are arrogant enough to force ByeDone on us anyway. They havent’ seemed tolearn, the way Robert Reich has

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Well, I’d vote for Bernie sick before any other leading possibility well.

I don’t think we need to imagine that his heart attack is a good thing to have that much resolve. Hopefully he will recover well, but he is still running against the people who organize the convention.

It seems to me like a moment to let the DNC know what you-all will not settle for.


WOW! What a great Biden song. Love it…GOOD BY JOE; YOU GOTTA GO!


The Joe Lauria articles are good; plus, there’s more about J. Kerry’s relative getting into the fracking game and the oil bombtrains and gas pipelines of Ukraine. Hmmmnnn… smoke meet fire on this, methinks. Biden’s business interests are certainly not arms length transactions, either, or his fingerprints wouldn’t be on the cookie jar.
L. Brezinzski (sp) (USSR) said the key region for controlling the future of Eurasia was Ukraine. China and the new Russia must think so, as well.
Judging by their actions and the real politik going on now, it appears overwhelming so.
The whole debacle in the Ukraine points to one sad thing, though. The Oiligarchies have no intention of letting dramatic climate changes get in the way of their moneymaking schemes. And, that’s bad news for the 99%ers.


In my view, the Super, corrupt, Democratic, Delegates have already selected a Biden/Harris ticket for 2020 And these so-called debates are nothing more than a con and a farce for the most politically gullible You are correct and the only way that we Bernie acolytes have any chance is for about a million of us surround the Democratic, CON/VENTION AND RAISE HELL! Once they have chosen to throw Bernie under the bus…AGAIN!


I too am so f@#king sick of the petty and bogus smear tactics. I know multiple people with stents. No big deal. The other galling factor is that they think Bernie’s supporters would abandon him because these lame asses think we listen to ANY of their stupid bullish*t.
For me it is BERNIE or bust.


Kamala calling out to leave Biden alone, hilarious. Angling for a job Kamala? Hoping Tulsi takes into Biden or Warren. Warren also defending the corrupt Biden. Last I heard she was running against corruption. Just not the kind of Biden and Hillary have been involved in for their entire sleazy careers.