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'Heaven Help the Opposition': Team Bernie Says Progressive Champion Emerging From Minor Heart Attack Stronger Than Ever

Tulsi should just partner with Bernie now. It’s a ticket that can’t be beat and positions her for first female president. I hope they are thinking the same. Bernie/Tulsi 2020 !


I don’t believe any polling data. Who’s picking up the phone these days. 7 Million Young new voters this cycle and my money is on the gentleman from Vermont. Bernie 2020 !

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Good way of putting it. And if something isn’t done to remove Trump soon, one has to wonder just how bad it may get with the Amerikan fascist as he seems to get more insane all the time, no telling what Trump is liable to do in order to stay IN OFFICE as the faux-EMPEROR!

Just a watching Canadian and could not agree more. I wish we had Bernie!
The real American people must bring their voices to the streets and give the DNC and main stream media (CNN, etc.) a loud and clear message that they ignore Bernie again at their peril.


From across the pond and under the jackboot of bojo the bozo, may I wish Bernie a speedy recovery and return to the fight against the forces of evil which are spreading across the world and are fired up by trumpty dumpty. Go Bernie - kick ass and defeat the forces of evil. He is a voice of sanity and common sense in the fight against fascism and corporate greed, both of which are sides of the same coin. Next time around, vote for Bernie and kick out the fascist in the White House.

Side topic, relevant because Sen. Sanders promotes “free health care”.

You-all realize that the procedure costs hospital and doctors something. In the usual course of business you would be expected to pay for that. [You can argue over the cost of it, and they can argue back.]

The notion that you can get it for free is one of the worst conceits in the world, and even Bernie knows that and proposes to “pick your pocket” each April at tax time.