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'Heaven Help Those in Dominica Tonight': Category 5 Maria Makes Landfall


'Heaven Help Those in Dominica Tonight': Category 5 Maria Makes Landfall

Common Dreams staff

Hurricane Maria was ugraded to a powerful Category 5 and "potentially catastrophic" storm Monday evening, with sustained winds over 160 mph, just before it slammed into the independent Caribbean island of Dominica as it carved a terrifying path similar (though not exact) to Hurricane Irma less than ten days ago.


Mother Nature sure knows how to throw a storm with a little help from her climate changing children.


Heaven help us all. My thoughts are with all those in the wake of this climate chaos intensified hurricanes and with all those who had little to do with contributing to the environmental crisis.


Donald Trump and the Republican Party will continue to deny reality and Climate Change until we vote them into the political void. These island nations in the Caribbean will not survive Climate Change unless we make dramatic changes to our life style.


One can’t help but wonder what the hurricane season will be like in years ahead given the warmer ocean waters. It is so bizarre to listen to weather reports that fail to forecast climate change and then to watch it happen in real time.

Meanwhile Trump will be making his first address to the United Nations today with this sad irony as a backdrop to his absurd incompetence about climate change.


What a terrifying blow to those people on islands projected to be in Maria’s path last night.

We have been warned for at least two decades about global warming, and we could have been the leader in its abatement if the government had taken it seriously, and ridiculous policies had not held sway. America is not too large to fail because of global warming. And it’s too late now. Many will die, particularly those on islands and coastlines. Maybe we should at least open our immigration doors to those islanders who survive the storms.


A runaway Arctic methane / CO2 meltdown is scheduled to boost atmospheric greenhouse gases from 405 ppm to around 1000 ppm. Smaller such events have occurred many times in geologic history.

It’s not enough for you to switch to firewood to heat your own house (your town will get all smoky). We need world governments ready to inhibit all of climate change, to research, to develop and to ramp up products that completely do what we need to get done.


The one enormous contributor to climate change that NO ONE talks about is Animal Agriculture. Do the research and you will find that eating animals and animal products (that includes chicken, fish, pork, dairy) does much more than harm human health and cause disease - it literally ruins the planet. A good start would be to watch the movie, “What The Health.” Good luck to us all.


Yes, and unfortunately our president, Donald Trump, is a “climate denier.” That is exactly why he refused to attend the Paris world meeting on climate change. How backward does that make America look. And I don’t think Trump has gotten a full response from the American people yet about his denial that global warming is happening due to man made chemicals and other agents being released into the atmosphere.


Perfect time for DJT, the entire Trump Trash Tribe and his cabinet to take an extended cruise on some billionaire’s yacht in the Caribbean…leaving today.

My heart goes out to all life in the path of yet another horrific hurricane followed by more to come.

Nah, climate change/global warming are hoaxes…see?

Meanwhile, the diabolical despot is pontificating his putrid poison on a world stage for all to see and know without any doubt that he is insane not unlike his chosen nemesis, Kim Jong Un.


It is amazing how the MSM can spend hour after hour on hurricane coverage without once mentioning Anthropogenic Climate Disruption. MSNBC, CNN and others seem to be practicing climate-denialism-by-neglect with “heaven help us”, “thoughts and prayers”, and other pleas to deities being a version of the same. Simply whistling past the Exxon-Shell-BP graveyard.


Thank you! Forks over knives is another one.