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Heavy Rainfall From Barry the Storm's Real Danger—and Climate Crisis is to Blame

Nice pileus cloud above big Cb’s here in Calgary.

Massive cumulus congestus, brilliant in the afternoon Sun - not that Calgary has not always been home to July thunderstorms, but these look different - the whole sky looks different.

Even with modern meteorology - it is hard to characterize the differences from ‘before’ and now, i.e., the days, not that long ago, say fifteen or twenty years, when the jet stream behaved normally, and the big thunderheads rode in on a west wind.

Anyway, since I can’t do justice to the differences I am seeing, here is a link to a pileus cloud:


Looks like a sweet nuclear test cloud. Come to think of it, we need to open some new nuclear plants. #Future

Lucky for the Racist Republicans that the storm is named Barry. Easier for them to blame Obama for the lack of emergency relief.

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VICE had an episode on what’s going on at Everest. Humans destroyed another pristine place… as usual. It all about greed, money and bragging, “!I climbed Everest, or Died trying.” Same thing is happening in Space. I read the amount of Hunan - Made Junk is staggering! Thats Our fault as well. We’re like slobby kids who don’t clean up their messes.

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Keep trying - no need to even suggest that - is there !

Man made climate change. Where’s the evidence? Why is Greenland called Greenland. These folks say it is not man causing change but the galaxy > [


So is climate change denial a plot by the corporations to keep their rapacious behavior up or just a power/money grab by rapacious governments/NWO types by scaring/herding the sheeple into taxable compliance?

Oh by the way, kidnapping and abusing children happens everyday here in AmeriKa – it’s called government “education.”

Only the Republicans are to blame? Oh if it were just that simple. Gopherit

Funny you should say the sky looks different. I was outside a few nights ago (spain) and thought the very same thing about the clouds. Only my adjective was weird.

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Speaking of “barry”

I actually think right wing is much more appropriate than republican because it knows no party affiliation. Far more than half of the democrats are right wing, and they are in many respects a far bigger problem than republicans because without an effective opposition,( a democratic party who votes against green new deals, against impeachment, and for border patrol funding for war against Iraq, for war against Venezuela - this is not in opposition to the republicans), there is no mechanism in effect to check the power of republicans, and the republicans damn well know it.

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and Climate Crisis is to Blame???


Want to point fingers and blame someone? Start here…

Folks differ, I think, in how much they take in the world around them day by day (as opposed to nose-in-device all the time). I’ve been a long-haul walker outside since I got to the Bay Area four decades ago. Not every day or even every week, but frequently I look up and see cloud patterns I’ve never seen before, lately. Usually elaborate smearings of high, icy, clouds – or not even clouds, more like chalk-residue on a blackboard which has just been halfway cleaned.

John Oliver covered the Everest stupidity a few weeks ago, as only he can.

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Comparing public education to the kids-in-cages on the border is by far and away the dumbest comment I’ve seen in a long time. Congrats!


Or…has slid under the ocean…from " The Big one"…That might or might not be a climate issue …but…it is going to happen…and…I wonder if Californians…are wondering about that …and…when.it happens…how that plays into the good ol’ U.S. economy. ??

Look at japan too:

415 it is at 415

Ridiculous, how?

Yes… Japan, India, 47 killed in Nepal floods and the entire mid section of the US has been flooded. Makes me wonder what They are NOT telling us! There could be a much larger story here as to why disasters are happening more frequently around the globe.

And the wind is relentless here. But gopherit posted an article about cosmic rays(not humans) being the culprit.
Either way i feel something larger around the corner is about to unleash itself. The climate is definitely “weird/different” globally.

Read my reply above.