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Hecklers Demand Hillary Clinton Buck Fossil Fuel Cash and 'Act on Climate'


Hecklers Demand Hillary Clinton Buck Fossil Fuel Cash and 'Act on Climate'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Responding to a weak statement on fossil fuel extraction from Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Thursday, protesters at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire on Thursday demanded the former secretary of state "act on climate" if she wants their votes.


Wants to be the Executive without demonstrating a knowledge of executive authority. I’m underwhelmed…


She’s ‘…all in favor of acting on climate’

Which is a much different thing than if she had said… ‘I will act on climate.’

Maybe she’s means that when Bernie becomes president that she will support his acting on climate? Sounds like that was what she meant… and believes.


" Act on climate if she wants their votes." PLEEASE! Even the thought of anyone naïve enough to want to vote for this lady, who is nothing but a Wall Street stooge… is complete anathema to me…


Wonderful. We need more of this.

Every right-wing politician must be confronted during public appearances, no matter their political affiliation. It’s the best way to make Americans aware of their ugly politics and dangerous policies.

The shame of it is that actual reporters should be doing it, not just activist members of the public.


You mean like the way Margaret Thatcher was so great for the British people? Just being a woman is not enough for America to vote for. We want change and she represents keeping the status quo.

There is nothing special about Hillary, moreover she doesn’t have much of a political record except for a brief stint as sec of state and being the wife of a president. Bernie has twenty + years as a senator.


Ugh, Hilary Clinton would do for women what Obama has done for black people - be a symbol, talking the talk, while ignoring or undermining women’s issues in order not to seem too feminine. Not doing anything that would count as substantial progress if it inconveniences the 1%. I want a principled, courageous woman and/or black person. I want Kshama Sawant, Cynthia McKinney, Jill Stein, Chelsea Manning!




Good for those young people! HRC will move on climate only if it’s economically feasible and if those who bankroll her campaign approve. In other words, not in their lifetime.


Hillary called Hosni Mubarak family and helped destroy the Honduran democracy, and others, she is not a worthy competitor for Bernie.


Pillory Hillary!


Bravo! It’s so invigorating to see citizens challenging these pre-selected corporate drones who insult our intelligence election after election, pretending to speak for us when we all know who it is lining their pocket!! By standing up and refusing to play their game any longer we can maybe win our country back.


Right, but the reporters are all owned by these corporations. Just look at their lavish salaries -they are made comfortable by the system and thus to challenge it is against their interests.


Great political choices, too bad they are considered bad political choices by most of the politically, sophomoric, American electorate. Most would elect Condi before them!


Nice satire!


It would be detrimental for her to make some pretty promises about “acting on climate”, which she will inevitably punt, because many good-intentioned voters will be duped. I would rather her bleat around the climate change bush so as to lose more and more supporters to Bernie come Democratic Primary time. Also, I’m glad these people are discarding the stupid decorum at these events and yelling out of order, calling out these paper-thin politicians, puncturing their imaginary respectability albeit with regrettably soft demands. Nevertheless, don’t ask or expect Hillary to shed her corporate skin or let anyone you know think she can sufficiently change.


This was a well-staged, well-executed disruptive, disrespectful, disingenuous one act play entitled “Hecklers Demand Hillary Clinton Buck Fossil Fuel Cash and ‘Act on Climate’.” It is doubtful that Bernie’s magic wand he would wave to attempt to institute his long list of popular changes would be fully functional. I like Bernie and I believe he has great ideas. However, he is not a Democrat. He has been an Independent in the Congress for decades and he has not been very effective in instituting any of the agendas he espouses. The executive powers he touts are to a large extent imaginary. His gun control record is not impressive. He and his supporters are merely “acting out.”


MLH… you found civil disobedience a 'disruptive, disrespectful, disingenuous one act play! It is the latter characterization - the disingenuous remark specifically that is telling. You suggest by inference that these were Bernie supporters although there is no evidence of that and would seem to belie the ‘if you (Hillary) want our vote that is forgot to comment then act on climate’ line. Nevertheless you immediately follow up these disparaging remarks about protesters by inferring (parsing) a connection to Bernie and using them as a lead in to your comments about Bernie.

In case you didn’t know… this interruption is called civil disobedience. You’ll see a lot of it talked about and more importantly reported on in CD.

Oh and I am sorry that you found it disrespectful. Lying and deceiving the voters is also disrespectful too. It was the protesters town hall by the way, they expressed their views as part of their community.

Your last line lumps the protesters and Bernie together without proof as ‘acting out’? Libel is disrespectful btw. You accuse both Bernie as somehow being part of this - the inference being they are somehow his? Your agenda for Hillary is showing … you need to fix your slip.


Wereflea – Your lack of understanding regarding both civil disobedience and libel speak for themselves. Civil disobedience is “the refusal to obey certain laws or governmental demands for the purpose of influencing legislation or government policy, characterized by the employment of such nonviolent techniques as boycotting, picketing, and nonpayment of taxes.”
This action was clearly staged to be disruptive and to not enter into a discourse, evidence by the fact that Secretary Clinton was not allowed to finish her response, which in fact, was in agreement with what was being asked of her i.e. she would act on climate change. It was not the “protesters town hall” other folks were there to hear Secretary Clinton. If you don’t agree with her or if you believe the propaganda about her then don’t vote for her, organize others to do the same. This action was mere disruption and not civil disobedience. Show some respect even if you disagree.


Civil disobedience is not a text book definition or at least it isn’t if you’ve ever done any. Most forms of protests are civil disobedience at root. Blocking a bridge during a march certainly is, doing street theater is etc. Disrupting a town hall meeting with protests is most definitely civil disobedience whether it fits your textbook definition or not. Get a different textbook or read about civil disobedience. Try Thoreau if no one else.

You want to believe it was staged but you have no proof to back up that claim. You see the word ‘staged’ (since you are so big on strict applications of definitions) in this context implies an outside agency (you made that associative claim in your comment towards Bernie by claiming that they were his supporters rather than just people who want action on climate change). Whether it was a local group or several unrelated local people I can’t say having not been there myself (hint hint) but if they acted together that is not staging anything… that is just them i.e. an act of civil disobedience by more than one person. You snidely imply that this was somehow Bernie’s doing… which makes your accusation (without even the slightest shred of proof) both unworthy of respect and suspicious. Are you a Hillary supporter - a member of her group? Lol

Civil disobedience is by any definition… disruptive.

I think you should show respect (and some honesty) rather than accusing people and candidates without cause. Where was your respect? Or self respect?

I would think that as the years go by that people around the world frustrated by deceitful politicians who ‘take money to do nothing other than talk about doing something’ will increasingly engage in civil disobedience. They literally may have to so as to be heard by those who rather not have to hear them. There is no benefit in dying from the heat - politely nor drowning from sea level rise storm surges - respectfully. Sometimes when your crops fail from drought and your family is dying of thirst and famine and you look at some well fed rich (by comparison) westerner with air conditioning and supermarkets crammed with food that … as your children die that you just don’t see the point in being polite.

Best get ready for an impolite future… and I ain’t kidding either. it is people like these disruptive folks in NH. who will change that dire and dreadful future outcome by standing up now and forcing candidates and politicians to answer for their lack of action before it is all too late.

Too late is coming too soon BTW. It really is!

These disruptive people are the ones who will save the future for the children and grandchildren… the politicians being paid off with big contributions by big oil would like everyone to remain quiet and polite so they can just slide by without having to answer for their non action. I hate to tell you MLH but they do not respect the little people… the ordinary voter… the people!

Respect earns respect… you forgot that part… the powerful don’t respect the people they manipulate and lie to.


And here I thought it was citizens exercising their right to determine the positions on matters of importance to them of someone who wishes to be elected to serve them. I have yet to see Ms. Clinton give a straight, honest answer about any of her positions and that is because, of course, if she did, no one would vote for her. I hope we see more and more of this “heckling”, since we no longer have a press worthy of the name. And I hope (though I suspect that hope is in vain), that people wise up about candidates who only have those carefully screened “town halls” like Bush used to do.