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Heckuva Job, Donnie: Over 4,600 Dead But "Brand" Doing Swell


Heckuva Job, Donnie: Over 4,600 Dead But "Brand" Doing Swell

In appalling but unsurprising news at the edgy start of another hurricane season, a devastated Puerto Rico and a criminally incognizant dotard-in-chief are still with us. Even in the wake of a damning study that found not 64 but 4,645 people - over 72 times the feds' version - died after Hurricane Maria, Drumpf bragged this week that his and the Coast Guard's "brand" - governing=retail - has gained yuge momentum, giving us 4,645 more reasons to get rid of him.


Words alone fail to adequately express how disgusted I am with our ostensible “leaders”, as well as the shame of being American at this point in history.




Well hell, it wasn’t as if they were Americans…oh wait…shit…


The brand is doing well, huh?

“Trump” is synonymous with “Class-less.”

Oh, and more likely, “Liar.”


what about the 10,000’s in Houston that are in the same condition??? it is a shame what has happened in P.R. but sadly it isn’t just P.R., it is a racial thingy, if you are poor and of color you don’t get Jack, plain and simple WTF???


Well yeah but at least no one died because of terrorism.


So very true, GWS!


Ooohhh! Don’t use the “T” word. You’ll have millions of Americans soiling their pants.


Almost a year later and some parts of P.R. still do not have electricity.
If a weather event cut off the power in Beverly Hills, you can bet the power would be back on the next day.


Only 4,600 Puerto Ricans because of stupid lazy US government terrorists. Do you think they can do any better this time around? I wouldn’t bet on it!


It amazes me how Trump can wear a $6,000 suit and still look like a 2-bit mobster.


Maybe a 2-bit Mobster Wannabe.


Lame stream media is so unfocused and short sighted I find I have to stick my nose out more and more. Maybe we all should? Sadly it’s only here, where I’m among friends that I can do this. Thanks Nighthawk :slight_smile:


Phuck, Same Again…
And I’m not supposed to swear