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Hedge Fund Managers Are Winning: 2015 Another Year of 'Outrageous Compensation'


Hedge Fund Managers Are Winning: 2015 Another Year of 'Outrageous Compensation'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

2015 was a "another year of outrageous hedge fund compensation," said Robert Weissman, president of advocacy organization Public Citizen.

Sparking his statement is the latest Rich List published by Institutional Investor's Alpha magazine, which reveals that the industry's top 25 managers made an average of $517.6 million, and had combined earnings of $12.94 billion.


Wonder how much HRC's son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky raked in in 2015...even though he lost millions on the Greece investment: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-05-10/hillary-clinton-son-laws-firm-shuts-down-greek-hedge-fund-after-90-loss

They all give themselves bonuses even though their productivity is severely lacking. And there seem to be no laws or integrity exercised to prevent that.

Greed is good$?$?$?


Living in Illinois under the governorship of Mr. Hedge Fund Manager Bruce Rauner, we know he and his best buddy, Ken Griffin mentioned in this article are trying to bankrupt the state of Illinois so they can privatize public education and other public services.. The state of Illinois hasn't had a budget passed in almost a year. Their plan is to make the poor, disabled and seniors pay dearly by making cuts to programs for their care. Illinois is a pathetic state to live in now!!


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These are the kind of financial parasites and activities that should become extinct, IMO. The compensation they make is an obscenity in every regard!

Hillary has a hedge-fund founder and manager in the family as Chelsea's husband - when she claims to be an opponent/regulator (or other BS terms), of such financial banker/Wall Street parasites it makes me laugh. Hillary will do nothing that threatens either her daughters, or her own family! The family that robs together stays together!
How anyone can support this hideous creature with her proven/demonstrated record of corruption, profiteering, malfeasance, and deplorable/criminal moral judgment/actions, and utter lack of integrity is astonishing......guess I shouldn't be surprised.......