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Hedging on Wall Street: Clinton's Finance Reforms Reek of Weak-Kneed Populism


Hedging on Wall Street: Clinton's Finance Reforms Reek of Weak-Kneed Populism

Jon Queally, staff writer

As Bernie Sanders continues to draw record crowds and appears to be winning the battle for small-donor contributions, the campaign of Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton—even as the former Senator and Secretary of States attempts to speak in a more populist tone—continues to show it knows where the deep pockets are: Wall Street.


I will be avoiding TV in the next year or so. The media circus that will soon unfold will be just way too depressing. Big money will buy up all available advertising time and suffocate what little remains of democracy on the national level. Hillary will march over Bernie. The Donald will dominate the Repubs. What an unreality show this will be.


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Give them a little and say it’s a lot.
Get their vote at any cost.

Get a lot and say it’s a little.
Sell your vote whatever the cost


The Commodities and Futures Modernization Act signed by Bill Clinton during his second term enhances high speed trading and other previously regulated practices that continue to enrich the 1% at the expense of the 99%.

Hillary’s “institutional connection with Wall Street” is not limited to her years in the Senate and presidential campaigns, the Clinton family has enjoyed an eight figure annual corporate speaking fee income during the past 14 years ($17 million in 2013 alone) and a Wall Street money pipeline runs straight into the Clinton family foundation.


Go Bernie GO!


The problem is also derivatives…that is a security that is priced off another security and allow “bets” on the direction of the underlying security. Heck, there are also derivatives on derivatives. Virtually unregulated, and allow a little capital to massivly accentuate the direction of the underlying security. How about just outlawing whole classes of these frankenstein monsters of the financial world, that add nothing of value such as hedging for farmers, but are a world unto themselves. Also get rid of the “carried interest” scam. I dont think Hillary will do a damn thing about it, as she is in bed with this group to a large degree.


Oh such nit picking! Puleese - how can ANYONE whose couture is so splendidly designed by Susannah Beverly Hills EVER do anything less than stellar! The Black Pant (pant, pant) is just right for those quick dalliances to keep the old foundation financed - and soooo essential - like pearls and pumps. The ministerial look so nicely illustrated here will see swoons of affirmation for the ‘arrivistas’ - indeed ladies, you have ARRIVED!

Of course, off course, having arrived at this place (wherever ‘this’ is, and whatever ‘is’ means) really does require that everybody (oh, ladies ladies out there, thats you! listen up!) tow the line! Eat your heart out (ooohh, how appropriate - anthropophagic in the anthropocene!)

Priorities are priorities


Everyone knows Hillary is a establishment candidate unless you have been hiding under rock for the last twenty years. A lot of promises made to the people but money decides the policies.
This is not going to change until we change the system, if it at all possible.
Until we do will it be business as usual.
What just happened in Greece is a very hard reality to accept, but there it is. Power right in your face.
Power 1 democracy 0. If Bernie somehow pulls it off I hate to say this but if he really tries to change something that score will change to, Power 2 Democracy 0.


" It is time to take on Wall Street." Bernie Sanders.

Bernie may be sincere, but that is mostly empty rhetoric. The Wall Street whore has already been selected as the next President.


As in the Warren Report?


Maybe you should vote for Bill and his Nafta. we are talking about Hillary who doesn’t have her own record that progressives would like.


What baloney! She isn’t smeared by the corporate media at all. Stop trying to manipulate people. You aren’t very good at it. You think everybody is dumb except you. Lol… let’s call that reverse propaganda… or reverse something…lol


That single bullet theory they tried to make us believe would never be allowed to exonerate someone accused of murder in a court room now would it? But Warren saw no problem with such an implausible little detail.


Helluva defense exhibit wouldn’t you say? Sure to convince judge and jury in any trial right? Yeah that Earl Warren


Isn’t Hillary’s son in law a high frequency trader too?


honestly, kassandra, did you even read the article?

How on earth is she a ‘threat to the powers that be’?

Can you give one eensy teensy example? When she decided late in the game that she really was for gay marriage? When she supported the military coup in Honduras and helped make it the murder capital of the world?


Clinton decreased capital gains taxes from 28% to 20% in 1995. This was a sizable tax break for the rich.


Hillary will reform the economic shenanigans of Wall Street, ha ha ha ha. When Slick Willie disgorges his multimillion dollar payoff from the banksters he enriched with his deregulation acts, then we MIGHT listen. Hillary do yourself a favor, lose weight and do charity work as penance.


warmongering tool of corporations