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'Heed This Call': At COP22, Hundreds of Groups Demand End to Fossil Fuels


'Heed This Call': At COP22, Hundreds of Groups Demand End to Fossil Fuels

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Nearly 400 civil society groups and individuals from over 60 countries on Monday delivered a letter to world leaders at climate talks in Marrakesh, Morocco, urging them to end fossil fuel development to stave off "economic upheaval and climate chaos."


Yes, I support this global action. Transition off of FFs in a just an equitable manner.


In September 2014, 350.org organized the Climate March. Over 1100 orgs and entities took part, and 400'000 was the estimated count of the people present. What exactly have been the concrete victories that give us reason to get out and demand more of the same, in the streets filled with military and attack dogs, eager to arrest and harm us??
Could someone put this new event in context and tell us what's going to be different, and why we should expect something more this time around?
We truly dislike to be party poopers, we keep sharing and trusting empowerment, but there comes a point, when those who call on us to act and donate money, demand us to stand in the cross fire of social change at OWS or in North Dakota, facing rubber bullets, crowd control weapons, need to realize that some of us remember, that this "get out and protest and everything will change soon" rhetoric becomes a broken record, an exploiting message.

Are there any alternatives in sight to empower activists to get the 1% to finally do what the 99% clearly want, or we just play pretend and try our best??


We did it again in Philly at the sham of DNC convention where the same powers installed HRC and handed everyone the Trump presidency we must now endure!