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Heeding Call of Duty, Thousands of Veterans Stream into Standing Rock


Heeding Call of Duty, Thousands of Veterans Stream into Standing Rock

Nika Knight, staff writer


"However, earlier that day the police suggested that the veterans traveling Standing Rock may be suffering from PTSD": Hell, just trying to live in the USA can trigger PTSD if one is not careful.


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Way Too True

One of the fundamental characteristics of PTSD is the heightened violence exhibited by the person who is ill

While at first this seems to be a ruse I would suggest we review this concept as it applies to the police and private security who are the perpetrators of the worst violence.

How many of these violent individuals have been screened for PTSD. How many are veterans or have suffered events known to cause PTSD.

The other action worth investigating is the use of private security who are not bound by the same statutes as law enforcement. This is a common strategy used to avoid Liabilities.


It's over folks, for now. The Army Corp just denied the pipeline easment and ends the stand off. They wouldn't have done it without the thousands of Veterans showing up and showing such courage.
We owe them all a debt of gratitude for setting this precedent. This is how we get things done. Peacefully and willing to stay till we win.


Check this out:


"The twisted irony of police fretting over vet PTSD when police themselves have given frontline water protectors PTSD,"...

Yes, frontline PTSD exists. It's rough to see a young woman in pain, held many hours, because a cop broke her arm in two places without any provocation during her arrest. It's rough to be forced to see your friends have their wrists twisted by state police detectives so as to inflict pain, during booking. But that one was many decades ago.

Yes, we need healers to work with the wounded, both therapists and energy workers.


One of the problems of this situation is that it is Too simple.

Like Flint Michigan, no places to hide lies or obfuscate facts.

The pipeline execs will tell you that the technology is the best and latest and there is no reason to fear.

Authorities in Bismarck paint a different picture.

The original route was to be upstream of Bismarck and local authorities found it to be too much of a danger to the Bismarck environment, watershed, and local residents. So they were able to shift this danger to the south thus placing the problem on Standing Rock inhabitants.

To which Mr Archambault very succinctly replies, if it is so safe, why not leave the pipeline in its original route, north of Bismarck.

Like Flint, no logical reply from authorities.

other points to be looked at.

How far would the $10 million spent on law enforcement have gone towards rerouting the pipeline back to its original path north of Bismarck. After all it's SAFE. Right?

Is Obama's silence at all related to the fact that the oil is destined for his home turf Illinois. That sure feels like Chicago politics

Lastly. Shifting toxic industries on to the poor neighborhoods or the disenfranchised citizens is again a proven form of discrimination. Doesn't take much effort to add in the US's historical genocidal bigotry towards the Native Americans.

But like Flint. We don't want to call attention to the Truth.


I just got the text that the right wing Obama/Biden administration finally got the message.



And there are many more thousands of us that would be there with them if we could. But everywhere that we are, we stand with them. And we are everywhere. We are many and they are few.


Yes this is indeed the strategy moving forward.

Great news but I wouldn't fold camp just yet.

Trust but Verify as it were.


It's the State sponsored anti-American terrorists, including Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier, who need to be agreeing to some basic parameters. Being less harsh then Saddam Hussein was against the Kurds would be a good place to start!


Not sure if you're hearing the news but American veterans are there building the camp UP. It's definitely NOT being folded anytime soon!


Not to mention that any crossing at Bismark would be a great deal shorter, therefore less chance of problems. That is assuming this is right under any other circumstances.
And while we are at it, what about Mr. Kelcey Warren? This rich bum and owner of the company doing this has managed to remain almost totally in the background. Oh. and irony, his interest in music he found the Cherokee Creek Music Festival. This guy is the whole reason for this. Gov. Dalrymple is a simple-brained idiot as is the local sherriff and all the LEOs from around the country who want nothing better than the chance to beat heads, maim demonstrators, arrest a bunch as cop entertainment and, their hope of hopes, that they get a chance to kill protestors (oops, I mean that they have an excuse to use those expensive, fed-provided military weapons. They were already floating pre-excuses by pre-blaming vets whose PTSD would turn them violent. And we all know they are not there to protect their local communities, or anyone. This is more fun than they've had since the last time.


Just asking: Is it a coincidence that the DAPL permit was denied because of the 3,000 or more veterans that were heading to Standing Rock to support the Lakota Sioux?


I congratulate the first peoples of Turtle Island. Let's keep being vigilante especially with the Trump administration coming.


A GREAT victory for the Standing Rock Sioux, their allies at the camp and all those who supported them, from around the world, in any way they could. I just can't help thinking (my cynicism showing) that this is all about optics. I think it's no small coincidence that today (Sunday) is the first day that busloads (literally!) of veterans began arriving at Standing Rock. My goodness, we can't have the oil police shooting and arresting our revered veterans! Won't play good on the 6 o'clock news. And the permit happened on Sunday?! When does this ever happen? Where was Obama and the Army Corps of Engineers when peaceful Water Protectors were attacked by guard dogs, or pepper sprayed and gassed, or when one woman's arm was almost blown off by a concussion grenade, or the man who had his scalp torn open by a rubber bullet? This permit could have been denied long ago, before the oil police did so much harm to the Water Protectors. A little late if you ask me. I give Obama no credit here at all. There was no courage shown by the Obama administration. I don't mean to rain on a VERY important VICTORY. But let's not be complacent. The fight is not over, at Standing Rock or across the country. The 1% have lots of power and money. This is not over for them, nor for us. Celebrate tonight. Tomorrow get out of bed and do it all over again. Peace all.


However, the police also claimed that violent instigators had infiltrated the camp, but refused to name them

Well of course they can't name them or give descriptions. If they even exist, they are DAPL goons.


The absolute FEAR that our government displays over the native American can only
remind us that their property was taken illegally and that should right wing control of our
courts ever be lifted and power returned to the left, there could be suits which would
actually force our corrupt government to return land and "cease and desist" on destruction
of the native American.

We should all be there -- we can be there by contributions and political action.
Continuing to stand with the Native American even if from a distance.

But how wonderful to see the VETERANS standing with them -- power in standing together.

Thank you Native Americans for showing us your courage and giving us a model for our own

Thank you, Veterans, for joining them and bringing attention to this injustice.



I've said the same thing. If its so safe, then why not send it through the original route? It hasn't been said enough that the Standing Rock route is wasn't the original planned route. Even if it isn't so safe, it should still go by the populated areas. People need to see first hand the effects their consumer choices and lifestyle has on the environment around them. If it means spilling oil in their backyard, then spill the oil in their backyard so they can ask themselves how much they really need that extra appliance running in the utility room. Run the damned pipeline right through the middle of Bismark is what I have to say. Call it Eminent Domain and let them know how it feels.