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Heeding Calls By Gun Control Advocates, National Companies Cut Ties With NRA


Heeding Calls By Gun Control Advocates, National Companies Cut Ties With NRA

Julia Conley, staff writer

In the latest sign that the aftermath of the Parkland, Florida tragedy may be playing out differently than the fallout from other mass shootings, several national companies have cut ties with the National Rifle Association (NRA).


Perhaps to some small measure, the NRA is feeling “under the gun”.


That would be for the most part, the Republican party. And unfortunately, probably not going to happen.


This is a very good start. Not sure how long it will last, or how far-reaching its impact, but in America especially - moreso than any other nation on earth - money talks. Boycotts are extremely successful here, when they are widespread. In a rather pathetic indictment of this country’s capitalist worship of Mammon, since it is virtually impossible to appeal to a politician’s or company’s morals or ethics, hitting them where they really care the most - profit - is about the only thing that can move them to change. If politicians start seeing many of their major corporate campaign contributors pulling their funding as long as they continue to prostitute themselves for NRA dollars, that might actually make even Rethuglicans turn their back on the NRA. A long-shot to be sure, but what the hell. Better than trying to appeal to their sense of right and wrong.


I do business with F.N.B. of O. so I wrote them an email and thanked them for doing the right thing.


Hopefully, it’s the beginning of the end for them. It’s a start at any rate!

They add absolutely no value to society, and are complicit in a great deal of harm!


Invite some Stoneman grievers to your next gathering.
Ask them to consider themselves among those who are akin
victims of global warming and sorrows for the future.
EV tech perfected NOW making possible
a cleaner future. Stricken from Trump Agenda.
Joking afterward, “Knock knock. Who’s there?”
“Consumers, wage-slaves & canon fodder.”
“Victims of another kind of warfare.” ;^
Hair trump laughs and crows, “They’re fired.”


B D S the en rr ay, Lovin’ it!


Nah. Donations to the NRA are going through the roof right now.

Of course, anyone who gave a crap about the lives of young people would be demanding that heroin be banned and confiscated. Some 13,000 deaths in 2015 and rising steadily.
Total deaths this year from drug abuse: 60,000+.

“But drugs are a personal choice, man!” "Heroin wasn’t designed to kill people, dude!"
Kind of puts the 300 some people a year killed by rifles into perspective, doesn’t it.

By the way, this is the kind of crap the NRA fights and why they get donations from millions of citizens:
According to St. Bernie,
“Sanders, Feb. 18: I am on record and have been for a very long time in saying we have got to significantly tighten up the background checks. We have to end the absurdity of the gun show loophole. Forty percent of the guns in this country are sold without any background checks.”

That’s not accurate, according to the most recent data available.
Just 13 percent of those who were “sold” a gun — as Sanders said — in the previous two years did not have a background check, the data show.

And “sold” a gun doesn’t mean “sold to a criminal”. Far and away most sales between individuals are both legal and to non-criminal purchasers.


It’s been some time since I last used Enterprise to rent a vehicle, but my first instinct, upon reading this piece, was to do just that, send them a thank you email of support for their decision and action.

Let these corporations know what you think, how you feel . . . what matters to you, their existing or potential customers.


Will these leopards’ spots change back if the NRA calls for a boycott?


Hopefully this will be the last hurrah of donations for the NRA. They are a divisive front group that is imploding. RIP NRA
13 percent or 40 percent is immaterial when it just takes 1 individual to do such carnage. Of course if the assault weapons were banned from purchase that would eliminate some of the carnage which our country seems to have no will to correct.
They deserve to go down as a treasonous organization.


The United States of Murder Incorporated Making America Gruesome Always because that’s what we excel at doing best.


Yes. It is so easy to point a finger and say you are wrong. Not telling them when they do something right does the same thing. Funny but corporations are like people too in that respect, how odd to say that :slight_smile:


13% or 40% it’s a gaping hole that should be closed.


“Forty percent of the guns in this country are sold without background checks.”
“13 percent of U.S. gun owners who purchased a firearm in the past two years did so without a background check.”

Both sentences can be true:

  • If the people buying with background checks average 1.5 guns per transaction;
  • And the 13% who purchase without a background check (using the so-called gun show loophole) average 4.5 guns per transaction;
  • Then the 13% would be buying 40% of the guns, and both statements would be true.


Be gone, gun freak.


I don’t give a damn WHAT the correct percentage is. ONE buyer not checked out thoroughly is one more than too many. It’s wrong for states not to require background checks, training, waiting periods, and permits.

Furthermore, do you have any idea of the breadth and depth of the issues pertinent to wethepeople that Bernie has to research, digest, and address for us as he tries to inform us and move us forward to a civilized society, not a deeper feudal system? YOU be his age and run like he does and keep every statistic correctly on the tip of YOUR tongue.

You’re nitpicking is a cheap shot.



Those of you who are customers should contact them and give them attaboys!


Finally all those thoughts and prayers are being answered. I have prayed that God would give the survivors of these mass murders comfort, strength and courage. Well, those Parkland kids have courage and strength to take on the NRA, the most powerful terrorist lobby organization in the world. Now I pray that they will win.