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#Heeling Trends as Trump Again Struggles With Expressing Empathy


#Heeling Trends as Trump Again Struggles With Expressing Empathy

Common Dreams staff

President Trump is doing his best to course-correct on empathy after he was widely criticized for some of his initial responses to the disaster caused by Hurricane Harvey in which he repeatedly failed to address the plight of victims while instead focusing largely on the strength of the storm, the size of his crowds, and the actions of government and locals officials in response.


I’m sure he wants all of us to heel. And sit. And be obedient to his commands.


Keith Olberman comments on the ginger pig’s self-serving trip and tweets re Hurricane Harvey and its victims. “Empathy”? The contemptible trump is incapable of any, as he is incapable of critical reasoning, intelligent statements or wisdom in even the most elemental form…RESIST!

Must see - thanks to Annie!


Thanks for sharing. I’d lost track of KO a while ago. It’s good to hear his voice and thoughts again.


Go lay down!
just kidding…
I’m on a tear with the ancient text Thunder in the Sky [secrets on the acquisition and exercise of power] one critic described as Machiavelli meets Lao Tzu. To me its an incredibly valuable and accessible means of having a mental sieve in threshing through the cynical harvest wrought by this cabal.

There is a disturbing phenomenon accompanying ‘the war on terror’, which is that very elemental relationships of elements of life get grossly skewed. I have found that one of the best ways to gird and clear my head is to have a toolbox of sound ancient wisdom from lots of different sources as bed time reading.

Here’s a sample of the crystal clear simple observational fabric from Thunder in the Sky:

"When the land is in cconfusion, there is no enlightened leadership above, and the public officials have no real virtue. Then petty people slander and despoil, wise people are not employed, and sages go into hiing. Greedy connivers go into action, rulers and ministers confuse each other. Parents and children separate, and there is rebellion and antagonism. These are called ‘budding gaps’.

great food for contemplation.


You should lose your job for writing such a dumb article.

We know already!!!’ He’s an idiot. Great!

How about some real news about what’s really going on!!!


I’m more concerned that Pence did his showing-empathy tour escorted by Franklin Graham.


We tell dogs to heel, not drowning devastated people.

If Trump thinks his misspellings serve some derogatory function for his detractors, he is the only one who thinks that. He looks like a doofus who belongs in a broken down shack, maybe underwater in Texas.


Sociopaths lack empathy making expressing it impossible. Thought this obvious with the Pumpkin Fuhrer.


Ah the presiduncy. Why can’t this man spell heal? Probably because he is a heel.
Regardless, I like my sociopaths dumb like trump and gw, as opposed to truly evil and bright like Obama.
But really, I would like sociopaths banned from taking office, running corporations, and from any capacity of managing people.
The great looting if the country continues from president to president regardless of the “Dem” and “Rep” next to their name.
If you don’t like Trump, stop voting for Democrats and Republicans.