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Heels Not Heils: Hijacking the Proud Boys and MAGA Narrative Amidst the Ruins

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/10/04/heels-not-heils-hijacking-proud-boys-and-maga-narrative-amidst-ruins

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now that’s what I call a great move–let us celebrate the courage and ingenuity of the real Proud Boys–


Good one Abby, appreciate all your creatively hard work.

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Amusing and uplifting. Hard to find in most news these days.

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his minions have been so busy for so long dodging hard facts that the very concept of truth long ago slipped out from their tawdry, devious, camera-ready binders

Very, very, true! But remember that Walter Reed is a military hospital and these physicians are beholden to their Commander-in- Chief and they probably have no choice but to report what D.T. has told them to report. Even if Trump was dying from Covid, they would tells us: " THE PROGNOSIS IS GOOD"!

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More Gay Pride please! A real source of pride, and not the BS of Nazis too wimpy to own it.

Sharing from Facebook: (Feel free to circulate to your social media)
A bright spot from a friend in Philly:

"The Proud Boys - a white supremacist group with a stupid name - planned a rally a block from my house today. The “belly of the beast” rally. Because apparently that’s where I live - the belly of the antifa beast. Whatever the fuck that means.

2 hours before it was supposed to start, the park starts filling up with my neighbors. A drum line shows up. A brass band plays. The anarchists are giving away vegetables and nachos and some artists are selling jewelry. Black leaders give speeches. We chant Breonna Taylor’s name. And all the other names.

No right-wing rally ever coalesces. There was never room for a critical mass to congregate. A lost-looking man or two walks to the park, doesn’t see their people, turns around. A right-wing vlogger trying to debate people is surrounded and walked to the edge of the park. Someone spotted with a handgun is chased through the park, to their car, by over 100 people. The ice cream truck music plays the whole time.

The usual guys set their chess tables and start playing, the crowd of neighbors start to break up.

Nazis, we will replace you. We will displace you. We will be louder and more numerous. We anti-fascists are full of music and love and nachos. We will always replace you."

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Really GREAT Story
As good as Abby’s

I am SO ready for normal people again

Stupidity is so hard to deal with
Because it has no limits

March on Proudly, Gay Boys

To quote my favorite actor Henry Azaria in the Birdcage

Your “Guatemalaness” is too much for them

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HI Rakal:
What lovey neighbors–passive resistance can often work wonders! It’s more fun in the park with nachos, bands and drums—plus laughter and lots of PEACE. : )

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