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'Height of Child Hunger Chutzpah': Pence Uses Guise of 'Nutrition' to Claims Schools Must Reopen in Fall

It’s the true nature of religion.   ALL religions are based on a false idea, and resort to force when resisted.


And on a larger note -
“Mr Gandhi, what do you think of Western Civilization?”

“I think it would be a good idea.”


Let me fix your statement: “I will say this again - I want the whole rotten to the core Republican and Democratic Party to be burned to ground and started over with something approaching their earlier policy platforms.” (But let’s keep the Squad and a few others.)

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Only the phony baloney ones, actually. And I object to their lying as if on the side of good, when they know darn well that isn’t the side they are lying for!

How many teachers and other school employees are Moscow Mitch and tRump trying to kill by reopening the schools and therefore exposing them to COVID-19?

The school issue is discussed as a fall issue. Here in the south school starts the beginning of August, any child that is sent to school now when the virus infection rate records are broken almost everyday, has fools for parents.

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There is a nightmare bounty on US troops issue boiling away
He needs a distraction

Is the Pandemic in the USA " starting to look like" a Trump Administration genocide?
Mr. Phillips

if Mikey was a real christian (he’s not) he’d be very concerned about having to stand in judgement before God one day and justify his cruel actions toward others from his position of power.

Mikey and Mother aren’t concerned in the least.

Children ARE starving without those school meals.

Thats what I was thinking too. he created the War on Drugs and the mandatory minimums that put so many poor blacks in jail for the rest of their lives at an incredibly huge cost to the taxpayers and their families. Its hard to decide which one is worse, I agree.